Mix Prayer Page

Welcome to the MIX Prayer Page! If you're here, it probably means that you have committed to praying for a Jr. High student before, during and after their time at MIX. We hope this guide will help you know how to lift these students up to our Father in Heaven. 

Getting Started

You were probably directed to this website by following a link on the back of a key tag you received at church. But if that’s not how, we're still glad you're here. If you DO have a key tag, write the name of a specific student going to MIX on the space provided and attach the key tag to your keychain. Allow this to be a daily reminder to pray for that student every time you see the key tag.

What to Pray Before the Event

This year at MIX, our theme is, “BROADCAST”! We will look at several moments that Jesus used stories to encourage people to listen in, subscribe, and even share this broadcast about the Kingdom of God. As we dive into the parables of Jesus this summer, our prayer is that students at MIX will interact with Jesus and His Kingdom in very real ways. When we hear Jesus’ stories, we are forever changed and changed lives become a BROADCAST about him to the world. 

Please feel free to read along with us and pray as we prepare for the week of MIX. In the days, weeks, and months leading up to MIX, we ask you to begin reading through the Gospels. We are looking at stories in Matthew 22, Mark 4, and Luke 10 and 15. Also please join us in praying the following prayers that are inspired by the stories we read:

  • Pray that your student learns how much God loves them and how he is chasing after them.
  • Pray that your student learns to listen to the words of Jesus and live them out in their context.
  • Pray that your student understands that Jesus is calling us to be set apart and commit to following Him. 
  • Pray that your student comes home ready to share the good news and live out its promises.
  • Pray that in this time leading up to MIX, God would protect your student’s heart against the evil one. Pray that God gives several opportunities for each student to experience the worship, community, and truth He has in store for them this summer.

What To Pray During the Event

Below are the daily themes and scriptures we'll be going through at MIX. We'd like to invite you to study along with us, praying specifically for God’s word to soak deep into the hearts of the students and His Spirit to make changes in their hearts.

DAY 1: Broadcast

Session 1 is all about introducing the parables of Jesus and how He decided to communicate His kingdom through stories. 

Passages: Parable of the Sower (Mark 4:1-20)

DAY 2: Listen

Session 2 and 3 both focus on the truth that Jesus is telling a story that is worth listening to. Whether it be for people that have never heard it before, or some that need to listen with new ears, the Gospel is true and good for all. 

Passages: Parable of Sheep and Parable of Coin (Luke 15:1-10) Parable of Prodigal Son; the Younger Son (Luke 15:11-24)

DAY 3: Subscribe

Sessions 4 and 5 remind us that the story is worth following and committing to. Jesus is calling us to be different. 

Passages: Parable of Prodigal Son; the Elder Son (Luke 15:25-32) Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)

DAY 4: Share

Sessions 6 and 7 encourage students to tell what they have learned about who Jesus is and what He promises. It is also a reminder that Jesus can and will use our story for others who need to listen, subscribe, and share the Good News. 

Passages: Parable of the Mustard Seed (Mark 4:30-34) Parable of the Great Banquet (Matthew 22:1-14)

What to Pray After the Event

Often, this is the most important time to pray for students. As they adjust back to home and the real world, They're home and back in the real world. Life is hard and the temptation is to go back to the way things were. But God is calling them to SO MUCH MORE! During this time, find the student you've been praying for and ask them to tell you a little about their experience at MIX. Share that you've been praying for them and that you will continue to do so.

  • Pray that God gives them the strength to stand firm in their home, school, and social settings.
  • Pray that God continues to challenge them by sending people to them that will display Christ and challenge them.
  • Pray that God reveals to them how they can play a role in His Kingdom right now.
  • Pray that through them, God would bear fruit that would last for generations.

Thank you, again, for praying for these students. We truly believe that it is of infinite worth.