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As screens become more and more ubiquitous, the language of Generations Z and Alpha will be video. Like a missionary learning a people group’s heart language, those of us who care about reaching young people will have to be fluent in video.

It’s not just about gaining an audience; it’s about turning views into Kingdom Work.

For nearly two decades, CIY films have done more than entertain. They have moved hearts and feet—to inspire action. The stories we tell on screen are captivating, but they are only half the story. They, in themselves, are unresolved. Every CIY film is a cliffhanger because when it ends, everyone wants to know what happens next.

Join the “To Be Continued” campaign and help youth across the country take the next steps in their journey. For only $5 you can reach one student with a story that could mobilize them to Kingdom Work. For $100, you could reach an entire youth group.

Your gift will have the added benefit of inspiring generosity among young people across the country when it is offered as a match to student donations at MOVE and MIX this summer!


“We partner with CIY because we know what we’re going to get. Gospel teaching, moments that challenge and convict, and they love our students. An investment in CIY is an investment in churches across the globe.”

- Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor at Traders Point Christian Church

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Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and to use your donation to meet the most pressing need within the gift category you select. If the amount raised exceeds our needs for any specific gift category, surplus funds will be directed to CIYs most urgent needs. The suggested dontation amounts are based on average expenses across CIY programs.

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