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"Create the curriculum that helps the commitments stick."

As Gen-Z comes of age, emerging tactics and resources will be necessary to reach them. This need is pushing the CIY creative team to discover new ways to produce curriculum and digital content, and to distribute it to as many youth groups as possible. The formula is simple: innovate, resource, repeat. Will you help us create compelling, digital resources for churches around the world? Will you help us make them available at no cost? Our vision is to equip 10,000 churches with age intentional resources, and your gift of $75 helps CIY equip one of them. The world is now different, but we are still in the business of changing it.


How does $75 serve one youth group?

Our vision is to grow our annual reach from 2,000 youth groups to 10,000 through digital resources. When you take the overall budget ($600,000) and divide it by the number of new youth groups we'll reach (8,000), you get $75. When we work together, we can tackle this in manageable bites.

How do you plan to resource 10,000 churches?

Using our existing network and partnerships, we are building a portal to get churches the digital resources they need. We have great working relationships with content providers and platforms who will help us deliver content to church leaders.

How does the model work?

When we work together to remove barriers, more students are called to Kingdom Work. In most cases, youth leaders spend large sums on curriculum each year, and this is our chance to chip in. Content creation is not cheap, but if we all pitch in, we can provide high-quality digital resources to the leaders who are faithfully serving teens across the country and around the globe. We all pay a little and we all resource a lot of churches. At CIY we believe we exist to bless the local church. We invite you to join us!

Will every CIY resource be free?

No, but most of the resources CIY offers will be free. Decisions will be made on a project-by-project basis, but the aim will always be the same: we will be extremely generous.

Where can I learn more about these resources?

Keep an eye on CIY's Æffect page for all the latest content and updates.

Give with Confidence

“We partner with CIY because we know what we’re going to get. Gospel teaching, moments that challenge and convict, and they love our students. An investment in CIY is an investment in churches across the globe.”

- Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor at Traders Point Christian Church

Our Commitment

Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and to use your donation to meet the most pressing need within the gift category you select. If the amount raised exceeds our needs for any specific gift category, surplus funds will be directed to CIY's most urgent needs. The suggested donation amounts are based on average expenses across CIY programs.

Learn more about CIY's commitment to financial transparency and integrity here.