Serve A Youth Leader

"Give the gift of sabbath and connection."

We love youth leaders and love what they do. Therefore, we produce gatherings and resources that equip and encourage our friends who disciple students. For every $300 you give to CIY, you are underwriting a sabbath retreat for one youth minister. These investments have the potential to multiply ten-fold because when a youth minister grows stronger, the call to Kingdom Work is clearer.


How does $300 support a youth worker?

$300 will underwrite a Wilderness retreat for one youth minister. Yes, youth ministers pay a registration fee to attend, but the generosity of CIY's donors helps to offset some of the costs, making this life-giving experience more affordable and accessible. Your gift toward the "Serve a Youth Leader" initiative also supports our annual Youth Ministry Summit (YMS), bi-weekly podcast for youth leaders, and our annual retreat for youth workers in Ireland called CONNECTED.

Why do you raise money when you charge participants?

To keep registration costs affordable, we have established a budget that is offset by generous partners. Not only does your generosity keep prices reasonable, but it also gives us wiggle room to grow and think outside of the box. Your generosity doesn't just help make the events happen, but you also help us push the boundaries of what is possible.

Give with Confidence

“We partner with CIY because we know what we’re going to get. Gospel teaching, moments that challenge and convict, and they love our students. An investment in CIY is an investment in churches across the globe.”

- Aaron Brockett, Lead Pastor at Traders Point Christian Church

Our Commitment

Your gift is a sacred trust. We promise to honor your generosity and to use your donation to meet the most pressing need within the gift category you select. If the amount raised exceeds our needs for any specific gift category, surplus funds will be directed to CIY's most urgent needs. The suggested donation amounts are based on average expenses across CIY programs.

Learn more about CIY's commitment to financial transparency and integrity here.