Kingdom Workers

A Kingdom Worker is a Christian who uses whatever sphere of influence he or she has to proclaim the message of Jesus. Kingdom Workers include school teachers, mums, school rugby players, bass guitarists, doctors, and a countless list of others. Their ministry may look different, but they have each surrendered to Jesus, and are committed to using their gifts, abilities, and relationships to advance His Kingdom.

Good Morning MOVE

Good Morning MOVE is designed for young people to wake them up through funny videos, engaging interaction, and whatever crazy ideas MOVE can come up with. 

Afternoon Activities

Each afternoon MOVE organises tournaments and fun activities. There is also the Alpha café and creative/art activities. The swimming pool is also open for use.


Following the Morning Session, youths and leaders are dismissed to SELAH and Small Groups. This creates an opportunity for them to participate in devotions that are tied to the daily themes. The devotions can be found in the SELAH app.

The Alternative

MOVE provides an opportunity for youths to share their talents (singing, instrumental, bands, skits, poetry, comedy, etc.). Youths sign up for limited spots and perform on the main stage. 

Decision Time

At the conclusion of some Evening Sessions, an invitation is offered for youths to respond and make a public decision about where they are in their relationship with Christ. Common decisions include accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour, repenting of sin, asking for prayer, and determining to pursue ministry as a career. 

Youth Group Time

After each morning session, each group will get together to go through the small group material.
Each night after the Evening Session, each group will get together to talk about the day and pray together. 

The MOVE App

The MOVE app is available on every smartphone platform. The app contains information about MOVE and CIY, devotions for each day, the weekly schedule, and other pages just for fun! This app will guide your group through their week at MOVE.

Adult Leaders Meeting

Each day of MOVE, the director will hold an Adult Leaders Meeting. This meeting will take place while the youths attend the Morning Show. It’s an opportunity for leaders to prepare for the day and learn about CIY.

Small Group Material

Material for Small Group Time is provided online before MOVE begins. Small groups are extremely important at MOVE. The MOVE team works all year developing lessons and material that will equip you to lead your small group with excellence and confidence.


We give youths the opportunity to encounter Kingdom workers, hear Biblical truth taught and be exposed to some great Christian practices during these seminar times at MOVE. Seminars are offered on a range of topics to provide ample opportunity for further discussion.

The MOVE Store

The MOVE Store is the place to purchase MOVE merchandise and resources!