What We

At our events, Christ In Youth partners with the local church to create moments and conversations that call young people to follow Jesus and into lives of Kingdom Work. We seek creative ways that unpack scripture and create these moments that inspire Kingdom Work. Our methods of delivery may change but the hope of the Gospel remains the same. We believe that every young person deserves these sort of opportunities and our goal is to seek to create these environments where Jesus can work in their lives.

Summer isn't canceled. Your summer will look different but your youth minstry goals are the same. MOVE/AT gives your youth minstry a chance to share a summer experience together even if you're unable to travel or gather like you always have.

CONNECTED:CEANGAILTE is a 3 day retreat for youth leaders across Ireland designed to rest the mind, reinvigorate the heart and replenish the soul.

Engage is your chance to send young people on a short term mission experience serving with our partners all around the world.

"Unseen" is an award-winning film that deals with the reality of mental health and suicide in a way that is relatable and helps initiate those much-needed conversations.


In partnership with local churches and youth ministries we want to commit to praying for the youth of Ireland. To facilitate this we gather people to pray at various times through the year.