SuperStart Terms


This is a time set aside on Friday night after the main session for your students to have an opportunity to meet the SuperStart cast and crew that they have been interacting with on-stage. It’s a great time to grab a picture, autograph, or get to know your favorite cast or band member!


The Amp-Up! is a 20-30 minute program that consists of high-energy, competitive games your whole group can participate in together while gearing up for the main session to begin. The Amp-Up! takes place inside the main auditorium 30 minutes before the Friday night session and 20 minutes before each session on Saturday.

THE SuperStart Store

The SuperStart Store is the place to purchase SuperStart apparel, check out books and resources, and enter drawings to win sweet prizes!


The SuperStart Hub is the information center. This is where you can go to have questions answered as well as turn in or claim lost and found items.


Plug 'N' Play is a three-hour period on Saturday for you to take your students to a recreational site of your choice and connect with one another. Plug 'N' Play is not included in the registration price for SuperStart, so please plan accordingly.


These are bags pre-stuffed with all of the information and materials your group will need to participate in the SuperStart program for the weekend. One bag will be provided for each group and given to the adult leader that completes the registration process.


Small Group Time is specifically designed for each group to connect and discuss what they've been experiencing during the sessions.


This is a short informational meeting that will go over important points to prepare leaders for the weekend's events. This will take place prior to the first session on Friday night, while the students are at Amp-Up! Only one adult from your group needs to attend this meeting.