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Electronic Medical Release Form (eMRF) Full Explanation

Christ In Youth has transitioned from physically completed (paper) release forms to a system where those forms are completed electronically and delivered automatically to the people who need the information – the parent/guardian of the student, you as the youth leader, and CIY.

In order to accomplish this, we have developed a system that generates a custom URL for your event registration that points to the online release form. That URL is / was included in the confirmation you will / did receive when you register(ed). There are three things that you as the group leader will need to do in this process:

  1. Send the URL to the parent/guardian of each student as well as to all the adults that will attend with your group with instructions for them to follow the link to complete the release form.
  2. As your event date approaches, check to see who has completed their form. To make that part easy, we also included a second link in your confirmation (and will send it to you again in an email about 7 days before the event) that points you directly to a list of the people that have submitted for your group.
  3. Print a set of copies of all the release forms to bring to the event. This is just so that you have them in the event of an emergency, you will not be required to turn these in.

PLEASE NOTE: Links from previous years are INVALID. You MUST use a new link every year.

Delivery Methods

There are several ways to point parents and sponsors to the online form. You can use any combination of ways that is easiest for you. As long as they are following the link we send you, it will point them to the right place.

  1. Email – Copy the link and send to parents and adult leaders.
  2. Text – Copy the link and paste into a text that you send to parents and adult leaders.
  3. Social Media – While probably best not to post publicly, direct messaging or group messaging to parents and adult leaders is an option.
  4. Church blog or website – Copy the link and include in a blog post or on your youth group’s web page.
  5. Parent Meeting – Set up several computers before/after a parent meeting and let parents fill out the form while they are there.
  6. Print The Link – Use to shorten the link, print it on event information that you are giving to parents or sending home with students.


What if I have parents who can’t/won’t/don’t want to complete it online?

Can I use last year's medical release form link?

What if I have students to add to my group at the last minute?

What if one student cancels and another comes in their place?

What if I arrive and discover one or more of my forms hasn’t been turned in?

How do I know who has / has not submitted their form?  Here are three ways to figure it out:

  1. Use the update link that was in your registration confirmation and that we will send to you about 7 days prior to the event, compare the list there to your list of people attending.
  2. Compare the list of emails with MRFs attached that you’ve received to your list of attendees (if you put them all in one folder they will alphabetize by name).
  3. Call or email us. We will be happy to pull your list and send it to you or tell you if a particular name is/is not on it.

For additional questions, please contact our Registration Specialists at 417-781-2273 or