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Change the game for your preteens

Game Changer is a high action, fast-paced, cooperative, timed group game so you know exactly how long the game will last! The rules are simple, and the game changes every time you play so you can play over and over again. Click the button below to get your free Game Changer game!

"Our group is very into board games so the Game Changer game was perfect for them!"

- Faye Umble, Community United Methodist Church, Fruitland Park, FL

Use the game to teach the Gospel!

More than a game? More than a game! Game Changer is a valuable teaching tool to use in your ministry. You can use the game dice to teach the Gospel (watch the video for an example!), and each Game Changer deck contains a card that teaches you and your students how to use the dice to explain the Gospel. You can teach your students the Gospel, and they can use the game to share the Gospel with someone else.

"As we zoomed in for small group, one student was playing with his deck of Game Changer cards. Next week, we'll play virtually with the whole group."

- Lynda Mathison, St. John Lutheran Church, Cedar Hill, TX

Get more games for your group!

Game Changer is best played in small groups. We'll send you one deck and five dice to get you started, but be share to grab enough decks and dice for your entire group to play. You need one deck per small group, and one dice for each player. Click the button below to get more!

"We need more game changer packs and dice!"

- Cheryl Brackemyre, Wilmington Church of Christ, Wilmington, OH

Fill out the form for your free Game Changer deck and dice.

Fill out the form for your free Game Changer deck and dice.