Every person must have a Medical Release Form on file with CIY to attend the event.

You will receive a link to this electronic form when you register to send to each attendee for completion. For detailed information and FAQs about this new system, please visit our eMRF Full Explanation page.


In an effort to create the safest environment possible for participants, CIY has adopted a new Adult Leader Screening process for all events. That process requires the following:

Each adult attending a CIY event must complete the online Medical Release form along with the items included on the form explaining the requirements for attending a CIY event as an adult leader.

Each adult must successfully complete a background check. CIY requires at minimum a National Criminal and Sex Offender background check. Some states or venues may require other, additional checks.

Each adult must successfully complete an approved Abuse Awareness Training Module. Approved providers are and Churches using other providers for similar training must request approval from CIY in order for training by that provider to satisfy this requirement. We have created a new coupon code for CIY which will provide 50% off the annual subscription. The coupon code churches will apply when registering is "CIY2022”.

The Primary Leader for each group attending a CIY event must complete a form verifying that all of the adults attending with their group have completed the requirements listed above.

SuperStart Adult Leader Screening Verification Form (This form will be sent electronically)

For more information about background checks, download our Adult Leader Screening FAQ Sheet.