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Who should attend SuperStart?

SuperStart is intended for fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students.

What is your required student-to-leader ratio?

SuperStart requires one (1) adult for every five (5) students. We believe your group will be able to break up into small groups and connect with each other on a much deeper level with a student-to-leader ratio of no greater than 5:1.

Am I Responsible for Meals?

You are responsible for your own meals. The schedule allows time for your group to leave the venue, eat, and be back in time for each session. Expect to eat 4-6 meals depending on whether you stay 1 or 2 nights.

What do I do for Housing?

You are responsible for your group's own housing. The cost of housing is not included in the cost of registration for SuperStart. You are not obligated to stay in the hotel, church, or camp listed in your event location. However, in an attempt to make housing as easy as possible, we have booked hotel blocks and have listed some housing alternatives for you. All listed options are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Should my students bring any additional spending money?

The SuperStart Store will be open before and after each session. Items ranging in price from $1-$30 will be available for sale, including...ministry resources and more! Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted at the SuperStart Store.

When is the SuperStart Store Open?

The SuperStart Store will be open before and after each session. Items ranging in price from $5-$20 will be available for sale, including ... ministry resources and more! Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted at the SuperStart Store.

What is Plug ‘N’ Play?

For three hours on Saturday, you'll have time to take your students to a recreation site of your choice to give your group a chance to connect with one another. We believe that lasting memories and deep bonds can be formed by talking and playing together. Plug 'N' Play is not included in the registration price for SuperStart and should be planned by the group leader prior to arrival.

Does SuperStart provide first aid at the event?

Christ In Youth does not provide first aid supplies or on-site medical professionals at events. Leaders will be provided with the location of the nearest medical facility for their event location. In the event of an emergency, CIY staff will assist the adult leaders from the group with communication in seeking medical attention. However, it is the responsibility of the adult in charge of the group to ensure that the affected individual(s) receive appropriate care, are accompanied while away from the event, and appropriate payment arrangements are made. Leaders from the group should have access to medical release forms for everyone on the trip at all times.

What if my event is full and I want to add a registration?

Persons wishing to register for a full SuperStart event should complete the online registration process and will be put on a waiting list. No payment will be collected at that time. When space becomes available groups or additions to the waiting list will be contacted and given the opportunity to submit a payment.

Registration- Are Deposits Refundable?

No. Deposits are not refundable, cannot be applied to the group balance, transferred to another group, or applied to a future event. A $25 deposit is required per person to register. You are welcome to fill an empty spot with another student or adult from your church.

Registration- When is my balance due?

Payment in full for all students and adults must be processed through online registration or received by check at the CIY address provided at least 14 days before the start of the event. Payment in full dates will fall on the Friday two weeks before the event.

Registration- How are Cancellations Handled?

  • If you reduce your total attendance count 14 or more days before the event, the $25 per person deposit will be retained by CIY.
  • There will be no refunds for cancellations or reductions in the total number made less than 14 days before the event.
  • Payment in full will be due for any cancellations made less than 14 days before the event whether or not a payment in full has been made at the time of the cancellation(s). This applies to a reduction in the total count for the group or a group that must cancel its attendance entirely.

Registration- What are my options for payment?

Payments can be made by credit card on or by mailing a check to:

Christ In Youth

ATTN: SuperStart

PO Box B

Joplin, MO 64802

Registration- How do I add to an Existing Registration?

Adding students and/or adults to your group is easy. Select register on the SuperStart event you are attending. You then select ‘Join A Group’ and choose your group from the drop-down menu and provide the passcode you created with your initial registration. After you select ‘Save’ choose how many additional students and/or adults you would like to register from the options listed and proceed as done with previous orders. Your additional registrations will be entered in at the current price point and filed with your previous registration information.

Can I film my group at SuperStart?

We recognize the importance of capturing portions of your group’s experience at SuperStart, we welcome you to record the activities of your group during the weekend. In that regard, the following guidelines shall apply:

  • No lights or flashes can be used during main sessions.
  • Students and adults are asked to stay in their seating areas and should not approach the stage in a disruptive way.
  • SuperStart reserves the right to ask you to stop filming at any time if we feel that the filming is disrupting the experience of others or places you or others in danger.
  • Out of respect for the artists on tour, SuperStart reserves the right to restrict recording of specific elements of the program via request from the stage, in writing, or a tap on the shoulder.
  • We encourage you to capture short segments of the program but ask that you not attempt to record more than 30 seconds of the program at a time or any of the film content that is displayed during the event. Any film or pictures recorded may not be sold or used in a product being sold.
  • All filming is subject to any restrictions placed on a recording by the venue for the event. This may include a ban on all recordings. Details related to specific event locations can be provided upon request.
  • We ask that you not post (via social media, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) any video/audio captured of the following:
    • Worship – there are licensing issues with audio and video
    • Program Elements – Specifically those that you would not have wanted your students to know about prior to the event.
  • Video/Audio captured during main sessions should primarily be of your students experiencing the event, not of the event.
  • You are responsible for obtaining permission from anyone whose image or likeness you capture prior to posting it or doing anything else with it. The permission granted to SuperStart in that regard does not extend to event attendees capturing their own images and video.

What if inclement weather is forecast to impact SuperStart?

In the rare instance that inclement weather is forecast to impact an event, the following will apply:

  • No refunds will be issued for groups that do not attend an event that is held on the scheduled dates in the scheduled location.
  • Christ In Youth will make every effort to hold all events as scheduled and will communicate with registered groups if there are changes to the schedule. Group leaders along with church leadership are responsible for making appropriate determinations about the safety of traveling to an event location.
  • Unless required by government agencies or venue closure, Christ In Youth will not terminate an event once it begins. If an event must be terminated because of government action or venue closure, CIY will not refund registration fees for the event.
  • If prior to beginning, an event is canceled or rescheduled, registered groups will be given the option to attend a rescheduled date, transfer to another location on the same tour or receive a refund of their registration fees. CIY is not responsible for any expenses the church may incur outside of registration costs paid to CIY.