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SuperStart Digital has been intentionally crafted to be a versatile tool that helps leaders call preteens to Christ and to Kingdom Work, wherever they are!

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What is it?

SuperStart Digital is everything you need to host a weekend event, teach a month-long series, or lead a small group conversation. Three 20- minute interactive sessions (plus a script for a ReCap session) tell an engaging story as we teach your preteens that God created our emotions as part of our journey, he understands what we’re going through, and he is always there to guide us.

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  • Three 20-Minute Interactive Sessions
  • Five Minute Countdown Video
  • Pre-Session Playlist
  • Four Small Group Experiences
  • Kingdom Worker Challenge
  • Digital Graphics
  • PDF of the Student Book
  • Amp Up Group Dance Video
  • Amp Up Digital Games
  • Worship Song Suggestions
  • Group Game Ideas
  • Three Part Animated Film
  • ReCap Session
  • Adult Leader Instruction Video
  • Parent Explanation Video
  • Sample Event Schedule & Plans
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The first ever SuperStart Digital uses the SuperStart tour theme from 2023: “Unscripted”!

Preteens are in a tricky stage. Their bodies and minds are changing rapidly, and sometimes, their emotions feel bigger than they are. Imagine being thrown into a scene in a play without knowing your lines. That's how preteens can feel when their emotions take over: unprepared, unsure, UNSCRIPTED. Because of these strong feelings, they can sometimes end up in situations they didn't expect or even perceive their own emotions as negative. Yet, these emotions are beautiful gifts from God. He intends these feelings to be a part of their journey and is always there to guide them through these turbulent times, helping them understand and appreciate the depth of their emotions.

Through our sessions, we will repeat this statement together:

“When you feel - insert emotion - and don’t know what to do, pause: remember Jesus felt it too. Tell Him what you’re going through and trust Him to guide you.”

“O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is a safe place for us.” (NLV) Psalm 62:8

Jesus felt it too.

Does God really understand everything I feel? Even feeling overwhelmed? Yes! We will use the Wheel of Emotion to tell the Gospel story and show how Jesus has felt every type of emotion we have. The same God who created everything, is in control of everything, and who loves you, also knows exactly what your emotions feel like, because He felt them too.

Tell Him what you're going through.

Psalm 57 was written by David while on the run from Saul. He still took time to stop and tell God how he was feeling and what he was going through. Use the “Finding God in Every Feeling” journal to identify exactly what it is you and your students are feeling and communicate it to God. There aren’t “bad” emotions. He wants you to come to Him with everything no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Trust Him to guide you.

Don’t rely on yourself in those Unscripted moments. Trust God who knows everything and will guide you. God understands how you feel. He wants you to share your emotions with Him. The final thing to do is trust Him. He will walk with you through any emotion and every situation. He will guide you through like a good shepherd guides his sheep. He will guide us into Kingdom Work.

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The Finding God in Every Feeling Journal is crafted for preteens, serving as a daily tool to connect with God. Designed to assist in expressing emotions, the journal promotes daily gratitude and encourages ways to be a Kingdom Worker. It features 30 journal pages, an emotion wheel, definitions for each emotion, and corresponding prayers. It’s the perfect follow-up piece to the session teachings and will help your students continue the conversation at home.

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SuperStart JournalFind more from the SuperStart Store HERE!