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Look over our pre-made packages or our create your own package (CYOP) options. Choose from data lists, advertising, and exclusive sponsorships of activities. Just click on the package to see the price and details. When you're ready, click the Sign-Up button below. You'll be able to create your own package or choose a pre-made package as you go through the registration process.

Basic Package Ad Package Data Package Ad & Data Package Premium Package
FREE $2,800 $4,500 $7,000 $10,000
Attend events with display space (Additional weeks added for $400 per team, per event) 3 Events 6 Events 7 Events 9 Events 12 Events
Receive Vocational Ministry Decision list (500+ students who have made vocational ministry decisions) X X X X X
Sponsor 1 Morning Show game on stage at each attended event X X X X
Web link from X X X X
Electronic slides shown before and after programming sessions at all 35 MOVE events and any attended MIX events X X X
Advertise on our MOVE or MIX App X X X
Receive full data list (25,000+ names) X X X
Chair drop and stage time at Next Level (at each attended MOVE event) X
30-second commercial shown once per day at attended events X
Highlighted on our MOVE social media story for 24 hours that has an audience of ~20,000 students X

Can't find the right fit? Create your own package by choosing a la carte items from the packages listed above. Pay for what you need, not what you don't.

Create Your Own Package  
ATTENDING WEEKS: First 3 events are free. All additional events are $400 per team, per event. Teams may be 2-4 representatives Free - $400
ADVERTISING OPTION 1: Electronic Slides $500
ADVERTISING OPTION 2: App Advertisement $1,500
RECOGNITION OPTION 1: Link from $500
RECOGNITION OPTION 2: Morning Show Sponsorship $1,200
DATA OPTION 1: Vocational Ministry Decision List (approx. 500 names) **free if you attend at least 3 events $600
DATA OPTION 2: Full Data List (25,000+ names) $3,500
SOCIAL MEDIA HIGHLIGHT: The college will be highlighted on our MOVE social media story for 24hours that reaches over 20,000 students. $1,500