The following policy details terms and conditions applicable to the Christ In Youth MOVE event to be held 3 August, 2020 through 7 August, 2020 at Clongowes Wood College in Co. Kildare. Groups choosing to register for a MOVE event should review policy prior to registration.


The price for MOVE 2020 will be €249 per person for everyone registered on or before 1 July, 2020. Registrations placed after 2 July, 2020 or later will be priced at €274 per person. The price for MOVE includes 4 nights accommodation, 12 meals, and programming for the week.


Registering for MOVE requires a deposit of €50 per person due within 7 days of registering online. If no deposit is received space will be released. Anyone registering after 1 July, 2020 will be required to pay in full at the time of registration – see Balance Payment section below. Deposits are included in the price of the event – not in addition to the price listed above.

Balance Payment & Late Fees:

All remaining balances for MOVE are due on or before 1 July, 2020. Balances not paid on time will incur a late payment fee of €10 per person. Balances must be fully paid prior to the beginning of MOVE. Any remaining balance (including late payment fees) must be paid upon arrival at the event.


Groups are welcome to add to their registration by completing the same online registration process initially used. When doing so, please only indicate the number of additional people to be registered (not the updated group total).

Refunds & Cancellations:

Deposits for MOVE are non-refundable, non-transferrable (to another group), and will not be applied to the pending balance for the group. If a person or group must cancel their attendance and does so no less than 21 days prior to the start of the event (13 July, 2020) only the deposit will be kept. No refunds will be given (and any remaining balance due must be paid) for cancellations after 13 July, 2020. As with deposits, funds paid for space cancelled less than 21 days prior to the event are non-refundable, non-transferrable (to another group or future event), and will not be applied to the pending group balance. If a member of a group cannot attend MOVE, the group is welcome to fill that spot with another person attending with their group.


Following completion of the online registration process, you will receive an invoice for payment of the €50/person deposit. That payment can be processed electronically – instructions included on the invoice you will be sent – or by cheque sent to:

    Christ In Youth Europe
    Unit 4
    Killarney Road Business Park
    Bray, Co. Wicklow

Approximately 2 weeks prior to the date your balance is due you will receive an invoice showing the amount due. Payment options for the balance are the same as the deposit.


  • Adult Leaders required - Groups registering for MOVE must provide a minimum of 1 adult for every 10 youth. In addition, if a group will bring both male and female youth, the group must provide at least 1 male adult and 1 female adult. Individual youth cannot attend MOVE without an adult leader.

  • Adult Leader Screening – Adults attending MOVE must be Garda checked prior to arrival at MOVE. The group leader – generally the one placing the registration – will be asked to affirm that all adults attending the event with the group have satisfactorily completed a Garda check.

  • Release & Waiver – Attendance at MOVE requires the completion of CIY’s release and waiver form. Parents of youth must complete and sign on behalf their child(ren). The group is encouraged to have the parents of youth complete their Church or Organisation’s own release form as well. Forms will be provided electronically well in advance of the event.