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Kingdom Worker

God is Using High School Students To Change The World.

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CIY MOVE 2021 Trailer

CIY MOVE Program Overview

MOVE promo 15 (1)

MOVE promo 15 (2)

MOVE promo 30

MOVE promo 60

2018 Move Instagram Video (30 Sec)

2018 Move Instagram Video (15 Sec)

2018 Move Instagram Video (15 Sec)

MOVE Is ...

MOVE Instagram Video 1

MOVE Instagram Video 2

Move Grows-Your Time with Students

Move Grows- Your Community

Move Grows- A Student's Passion for the Lost

Move Grows- Your Student Ministry

Move Grows- A Student's Heart Toward God

All of Christ In Youth's videos are available as free downloads on

Please note, in order to download Christ In Youth's videos you will need a Vimeo account (which are free). You can create a Vimeo account by clicking here.

Once you have a Vimeo account, or if you already have one, look for the "About This Video" section toward the bottom right of the page (it should be gray). Right click on the blue link that says "Download this Video" and click the "Save the link as…" or "Save As" option.