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Registration Policy

2022 MIX Registration & Payment Policy

The following policy details terms and conditions applicable to all Christ In Youth MIX events. Groups choosing to register for a MIX event should review this policy prior to registering. Below is a summary of Deposits and Deadlines for your convenience. Additional details can be found in the Registration Rates & Deadlines table and designated sections of the policy.

***NEW FOR 2021:

  • All deposits are non-refundable.
  • Deposit 1 ($65/person) once paid, will not be refunded, transferred to another group or event, or applied to a pending group balance under ANY circumstances. MIX uses deposits to plan and program events. In rare, unavoidable situations when an event or events must be canceled MIX is not able to refund deposits as those funds have been spent in preparation for the event. In that circumstance, MIX will apply Deposit 1 to provide an alternate event experience. Additional details below.
  • Deposit 2 ($65/person) is due on March 1, 2021, for all MIX events. Deposit 2 is only refundable/transferrable if the event is canceled. Deposit 2 enables MIX to prepare for event tours including paying deposits to venues, purchasing supplies, hiring staff & artists, and booking travel.
  • Early Pricing ends for all MIX events on May 1, 2021.
  • Waiting List Deposits: Adding a group or individuals to a waiting list will require the payment of a $65/person deposit (see details below).
  • Adult Leader Screening Requirements have changed since 2019, see description near the end of this document.



Deposit 1 Amt/Date

Deposit 2 Amt/Date

Full Payment

Early Price

Regular Price

(+$35 from Early)

Late Price

(+$25 from Regular)

Amount: $65/Person

Due: When Registered

Amount: $65/Person 

Due: 3/1

Due 21 Days prior to the event.

Available until 5/1

After 5/1 up to 21 days prior to the event Less than 21 days prior to the event.


Please review the registration rates and deadlines table as it contains NEW INFORMATION for 2021 MIX events.


REGISTRATION RATES & DEADLINES (All deadlines referred to are for 2021)

Early Registration Rate

Applies to any registration made prior to May 1
Standard Registration Rate (increase of $35/person) Applies to any registration made after May 1 until 21 days prior to the event selected.
Late Registration Rate (increase of $25/person) Applies to any registration made within 21 days prior to the event selected.

1st Deposit Deadline ($65/person)

**Non-refundable under any circumstances

Deposit to secure registration is due within 7 days of registering for the event. Deposit amounts are included in the price of the event (not in addition to it). If the deposit is not received within 7 days, registered spots will be canceled.

2nd Deposit Deadline ($50/person)

**Only refundable if the event is canceled.

Due March 1. If payment for the second deposit is not received by the deadline, a $10/person late fee will be applied. If payment is not received within 15 days of the deadline, registered spots will be canceled.

Deposit Refunds

Deposit #1 - Non-refundable under any circumstances.

Deposit #2 - Only refundable if the event is canceled.

Full Payment/21-Day Deadline


Full payment for all registered spots is due 21 days prior to the event you are attending. Orders with remaining balances due after this deadline will incur a late fee of 5% of the remaining balance.


  • See the MIX website for specific event pricing. Rates and deadlines apply.
  • Standard MIX pricing includes 4 nights lodging, 9 meals, and programming for the week. Events priced differently will be noted on the Event Details Page for that event.
  • The Early Price for each event is available until May 1.
  • The Regular Price ($35/person more than the Early Price) applies to those registered after May 1 until 21 days prior to the event.
  • The Late Price ($25/person more than the Regular Price) will apply to anyone registered less than 21 days prior to the event.
  • Pricing is handled on a per registrant basis. Additions to a group will pay the current price based on when the addition to the group is made.
  • All payment deadlines stated are based on arrival or online processing dates, NOT postmark dates.
  • Payment options:
    • Credit Card – Christ In Youth accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
    • Check – selecting the “Mail Check” option during online registration will register your space and hold it for 7 calendar days pending the arrival of a check. If a check is not received, space will be released. Make checks payable to CIY Attn: Registration PO Box B, Joplin, MO 64802.
  • Full payment for all registered spots is due 21 days prior to the event.
  • Groups are responsible for the full cost of all space not canceled by 21 days prior to the start of the event they will attend regardless of whether the full amount has been paid yet or not. Balances due, including late fees, will be invoiced to the church.
  • CIY reserves the right to refuse admittance to the MIX event if the balance is not paid in full (including any applicable late fees) by the time the group arrives at the event.


  • A non-refundable deposit of $65/person must be paid to register space at a MIX event (see registration rates & deadlines table – referred to as Deposit 1).
  • Deposit 1 is not refundable under any circumstances.
  • A second deposit of $65/person is due March 1. This deposit is only refundable (or transferrable to the balance, another event/program/group) if the event is canceled (referred to as Deposit 2).
  • If Deposit 2 is not received by March 1, a $10/person late fee will be applied.  If Deposit 2 is not paid by March 15, the group’s space will be canceled and no deposits will be refunded.
  • Groups registering after March 1st must submit a deposit of $130/person (Deposits 1 & 2 are both due at the time of registration, rules above related to deposits apply) to secure space.
  • After March 1st, groups will not be allowed to transfer to other MIX events.
  • Groups with an outstanding balance once the 21-day deadline passes will be charged a 5% late fee on the balance. This late fee does not apply to additions made less than 21 days before the event at the Late Price – however late additions must be paid in full when added.


  • Groups that must cancel all or part of their registration after March 1st, but at least 21 days prior to the start of the MIX event will forfeit the total deposit of each individual registration canceled ($130/person). This means the deposit(s) will not be refunded, applied to the group balance, or transferred to another group or event.
  • Groups that must cancel all or part of their registration less than 21 days prior to the start of the MIX event will receive no refund for space canceled. Funds cannot be applied to the remaining group balance or transferred to another group or event. Balances due will remain payable including applicable late fees.
  • No refunds will be given for registered spots canceled less than 21 days prior to the start of the event.
  • Groups are welcome to add additional people for a MIX event as long as space is available. The price for the additional registrant(s) will be based on when the addition is made.
  • Additions can be made through the same online system that was used to process the initial registration.
  • Additions can only be made by submitting the deposit(s) (or full payment) for each additional person the group intends to bring (Mail Check option and terms still apply).


  • When a MIX event reaches capacity, a waiting list will be made available via the online registration system.
  • If space opens at the event, groups having held space on the waiting list first will have the first opportunity to fill open spots at the event. If a person or group is contacted and offered available spots, they must respond within 48 hours of the call or email to accept or the spots will be offered to the next group on the waitlist.
  • Persons wishing to register for a full MIX event should complete the online registration process and will be put on the waiting list.
  • NEW FOR 2021: A deposit of $65/person ($130/person if after March 1st) is required to hold space on the waiting list. If the group or person on the waiting list does not get into an event, the deposit(s) will be refunded.
  • NEW FOR 2021: If a group registers for one MIX event and places their group on the waiting list for another MIX event at the same time, the group must pay the deposit(s) for both events. When the event the group will attend is determined, the deposit(s) paid for the other event will be applied as Deposit 2 for the event the group will attend (or applied to the balance if Deposit 2 has already been paid).
  • Pricing for persons being added to an event from the waiting list will be based on when they were added to the waiting list relative to the start date of the event according to the terms herein.
  • Persons or groups being added to an event from the waiting list will have a minimum of 48 hours to process online or arrange full payment by check for the additional space without late fees unless the additions were originally placed on the waiting list less than 21 days prior to the start of the event. This is the only situation where the post-mark date will be used as a determining factor of timing.


  • Housing arrangements vary by event & location. Some MIX events offer off-campus housing as an option once on-campus housing is full for that event. In this instance, the cost of on-campus housing will be removed from the event price and the group will be responsible for securing and paying for their own housing arrangements.
  • Churches will continue to be responsible for assigning housing for their group from the block of rooms CIY provides (as described below), but will no longer be permitted to assign 1 adult and 1 student to a room. CIY advises groups to house adult leaders in rooms together dispersed among student rooms for their group.
  • In response to a growing number of venues that require the names of all individuals attending an event ahead of time, prior to the registered event each group will be asked to complete a housing roster. Each group will be contacted approximately 21 days prior to the event with instructions. The timely completion of the roster will enable CIY to complete the housing assignment process and make the arrival process on campus easier.
  • In order to efficiently prepare housing for each group, the total males and total females registered with each group shall be considered final as of 21 days prior to the event.
  • The group leader is responsible for notifying MIX of any changes to the number of males or females at least 21 days prior to the event.
  • Any changes to the total males or total females less than 21 days prior to the event will result in a $50 Housing Adjustment Fee being added to the group’s total balance – this is a per occurrence fee, not per person.
  • The Housing Adjustment Fee ($50) will not be charged if the group is adding to its total registration count for the event, only if the number of males or females increases while the total number remains the same or decreases.

Event Cancellation:

In the rare instance that a live MIX event must be canceled (due to weather, pandemic or any other cause), the following will apply:

  • Deposit 1 (of $65/person) remains non-refundable. In that situation, the first option will be to attempt to accommodate the church at another live event of the same program (MIX) in 2021. If an alternate live event location is within 200 miles of the original live event and has space available CIY will ask the group to transfer to that event. If an alternate live event is not an option, Deposit 1 will be retained by CIY, additional amounts (Deposit 2, etc.) will be refunded, and CIY will provide an alternate event experience for the group.
  • Groups transferring from a canceled event to a different live event will be placed ahead of groups on the waitlist for an event (of the same program and year) they transfer to (if that event is currently full).
  • If CIY must cancel the live event that a group is registered for and an alternate live event is not an option, CIY will provide an alternate event experience at no additional (beyond the $65/person paid as Deposit 1) cost to the group. CIY will make every reasonable effort to hold all events on schedule as planned.
  • CIY’s commitment to providing an alternate event experience is limited to live events that CIY elects to cancel and does not include live events canceled by the venue or local authorities (regardless of the reason). If the venue or local authorities cancel a live event, CIY will attempt to accommodate the group at an alternate live event as described above. If no alternate live event is an option for the group, CIY will retain Deposit 1 ($65/person) and refund any additional funds paid by the church for the event.
  • No refunds (of deposits or balances) will be issued for groups that choose not to attend an event that is held on the scheduled dates in the scheduled location.
  • Christ in Youth will make every effort to hold all events as scheduled and will communicate with registered groups if there are changes to the schedule. Group leaders along with church leaders are responsible for making appropriate determinations about the safety of traveling to and attending the event.
  • Unless required by government agencies or venue closure, CIY will not cancel an event once in progress.


  • If an attendee must arrive late or leave early the registration price will be half of the available price (at the time the person is registered) if the attendee will be at the event less than 3 nights. If the attendee will be at the event 3 or more nights the full price (based on available pricing at the time of registration) will be charged.
  • Any refunds due will be processed after the event at the offices of CIY. Refunds will not be paid at the event.
  • MIX reserves the right to review the handling of each group’s registration following the event. If it is found that the group was charged too much or too little the account will be updated and an adjusted invoice/refund statement will be sent. Review of registration handling will be completed as quickly after the event concludes as possible but may take up to 30 days for the church to receive updated billing.
  • MIX is not currently offering any new church, first-time attendee, or other promotional discounts.
  • Groups are required to bring a minimum of 1 adult for every 8 students attending MIX. In addition, groups must have at least 1 male and 1 female adult if they are bringing both male and female students to the event.
  • Children 6+ years old attending with a parent must be housed with the parent/guardian of the same sex. Children 5 & under may be housed with a parent/guardian of either sex.
  • A validly completed CIY Discipline, Liability, and Medical Release form is required for everyone attending MIX. A parent or guardian must sign for everyone under 18. Release forms are completed electronically. A link to the form will be included in your registration confirmation and will be coded to your specific event. Visit www.ciy/com/mix/forms for a full explanation.
  • ADULT LEADER SCREENING REQUIREMENTS: CIY requires that ALL adult leaders:
    • Successfully complete at minimum a National Criminal & Sex Offender background check.
    • Complete an approved abuse awareness training module.
    • Complete the adult medical release form along with the acknowledgements of CIY’s child protection and adult leader screening process.
  • Costs associated with background checks and/or abuse awareness training will be the responsibility of the church or the adult leader. Visit www.ciy/com/mix/forms for more details.
  • Some states or campuses may require paperwork, background checks, and/or training beyond what MIX normally requires. Any additional requirements for the chosen event will be communicated to the group leader but will be at the church's expense (if any). Adults or students who fail to complete requirements will not be allowed to attend the event. It is the group leader’s responsibility to ensure that everyone attending with his/her group has completed stated requirements for release forms, background checks, training, etc. prior to arrival.
  • Unless stated otherwise on the event page or in the registration system, event pricing includes 4 nights lodging, 9 meals, and programming for the week.