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Small Group Prep

One of our main goals is to equip your adult leaders with all that they need in order to lead meaningful Group Time. We believe that Group Time can be some of the most important moments in an entire week of MIX. Middle school students need an outlet through which to express themselves and hear from those who are playing a key role in their lives, and Group Time is the perfect place for that. We want your students to be engaged and to get excited about sharing their thoughts with their group.

One tool that's very helpful at a week of MIX is the MIX app. We strongly encourage EVERY ADULT to DOWNLOAD THE MIX APP BEFORE ARRIVING at your destination. At some camp locations, the app may be hindered by Wi-Fi limitations, therefore it is important to download beforehand. Prepare for Group Time by following these simple steps:

1. Group Time Breakdown
First, think through how to break down your large group into smaller groups. If you already have existing small groups, MIX would be a great place to continue the work that has already begun throughout the year. There are a few times at MIX (other than group time) where you'll need to break up in small groups. Groups of 8-10 are best for this, if possible. Keep in mind that breaking your group into genders allows you to utilize dorm rooms for additional meeting space, but this isn't necessary.

2. Adult Leaders
Next, if you haven’t already, start recruiting some great adults to partner with for your week of MIX. You’ll need people who aren’t afraid to engage discussion and who are willing to point students to Jesus. One of the best practices is to place an adult leader with a group of students that will continue to meet together beyond the event. As a reminder, every adult should download the MIX app before arriving at the event.

3. Group Time Material
Before your week of MIX, you’ll want to take a look at the Group Time material provided by MIX. This year MIX will be using the CONVOS app. If you’d like to have print outs, you can download the .pdfs below.





Download the CONVOS app to use during your MIX events by using the links below:

Apple Store CONVOS App

Google Play CONVOS App

4. Adult Leader Meeting
Before leaving for MIX, you’ll want to give your adult leaders some key insight for the week. Lay out any additional Group Time expectations you might have. This would also be a great time to assign them to students who will be in their groups for the week so that they can begin praying for them.

We're excited for a great year of MIX!

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