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Youth leaders, students rave over 2017/2018 Believe tour —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

More than 17,700 Jr. high students attended CIY’s Believe “WITH” tour this year. 

We’ve heard amazing stories of life-change, stronger relationships between students and youth leaders and radical God moments. Here are just some of the reactions of students and youth leaders who attended Believe this year …


“It’s my favorite part of the year – well, Believe and mission trips. I love the connection the people have with each other and the people that talk about Jesus on the stage.”
– Sophia Harris, 12, with North Cross United Methodist Church in Kansas City, Missouri


“This is the best middle school conference I’ve ever seen in its mixture of relatable content and good message for students at this age. The big thing is the interaction, and what they take home after the event. It’s awesome how they ask the kids how they’ll continue the walk after they leave … I love these students. My favorite thing about 9 Square is it brings everyone in and levels the playing field.”
– Andy Sander, youth leader with Northland Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri


“The students get excited about it. It has solid teaching and it’s well designed for Jr. high students. The high energy and short bursts versus long sermons – it’s got a good pace. I do know it motivates students about Christ and their faith. It’s another brick in the foundation.”
– Jeff Hume with Grace Community Church, Smithville, Missouri


“I really like how many other Christians are here. It’s important to believe in God – He promises us Heaven.”
– Leighton Charters, 13, from Antioch Christian Church in Marion, Iowa


“We have some high school leaders here with us, and it’s so cool to see that magic line between Jr. high and high school disappear. These girls are just glued into the older ones, and there’s this ‘iron sharpens iron’ accountability happening. They’re advising each other and learning how little failures can snowball into disconnections from God.”
– Kristina Reed, youth minister associate with Second Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri


“I think (Believe) is really cool. The speaker is hilarious. I like the songs and the concert… I want to come back. I learned a lot. The speaker helped me visualize it with the crack in the bridge – and once we get to Him in our faith – that’s where I want to be.”
– Brian Shafer, sixth grader with Northside Christian Church in Warrensburg, Missouri


“This is my favorite event. I have a heart for middle schoolers – they’re a little crazy – but this event focuses on the needs of the students. The portions are short, which is great for kids. They’re constantly talking about things they’ve learned at Believe throughout the year. It’s really important and it’s just amazing how everything fits together – it takes a lot of prayer.”
– Kate Bocklage, volunteer with Northside Christian Church in Warrensburg, Missouri


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