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Young teens make first-time decisions for Christ at MIX —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

Mia and Taevion Schmidt are two middle school students whose lives will never be the same. While attending a CIY MIX event earlier this summer, the brother and sister both decided to make first-time decisions for Christ.

"It’s so beautiful to see what God does. "

Mia is a middle school student who said her life seems to keep improving with God in the picture, and MIX was a week that helped her remember how important it is to be a Kingdom worker at home and with her family. While experiencing CIY’s summer conference for middle school students, Mia got to enjoy MIX with her younger brother, who she affectionately calls “Tater Tot.” At age 11, Taevion was visiting MIX for the first time ever. Mia said it was an awesome experience to share with her brother when they both decided to make first-time decisions for Christ.


“People in my family have changed now, so I feel like I’m changing, too,” she said while at CIY’s MIX conference earlier this summer. “My brother is here, too. He decided to change his ways. MIX is awesome,” Mia Schmidt said. “I really like how we get to learn about Jesus even deeper and how we get to have fun with it too. Service has been really good. I like pretty much all of it.”


Mia and Taevion were just two of thousands of students who will hopefully be making first-time decisions to follow Christ at MIX this summer. The fun, music and sermons driven by the Word of God are a winning combination that reach the hearts of middle school students in powerful ways.


“It’s very exciting,” said Donna Childers, a youth pastor. “We had a girl who said she rededicated her life to the Lord, and I’ve seen this girl and another’s countenance change to soft. The other girl had some fears, and at the service she was happy. The joy was so beautiful. It’s so beautiful to see what God does. These girls had this rough edge around them and to see their change was just beautiful. Some of the testimonies we’ve heard – it’s just very powerful. It’s because of the service and how MIX encourages the kids. The kids are engaged in it, and we get to bring it home individually. It’s very smart and I’m so grateful for the process because it’s working.”