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Why did these students wear a green tutu at MOVE? —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

Part of the culture at CIY MOVE is a fun atmosphere that embraces random silliness … and trust us, it shows up in the most unusual forms.

"Having fun shows being a Jesus follower doesn’t have to be boring. "

Take the group from Northside Christian Church in Houston, Texas, who while attending MOVE in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, decided to wear a green tutu throughout the week. According to Scotti Beth Lawson, the girls minister for Northside, the green tutu was but one small example of the fun that comes with her group of young people.


“Our kids absolutely love to come to MOVE because they get to be themselves and it’s a place where everyone around them is also here to love Jesus and have fun doing it,” she said. “The green tutu is another way our kids get to be crazy, wild and fun – we love it. Having fun shows being a Jesus follower doesn’t have to be boring. The promise of abundant life and a life that’s good and full is seen here at MOVE when you’re with people with the same interests and love for Jesus.”


Some of the students who proudly wore that green tutu were happy to share what inspired them to make the unusual fashion choice.


“Every year we come to MOVE and have a blast,” said senior Garrett Fowler. “Our group has a costume contest during the week, and it’s just something fun we look forward to.”


“It’s fun,” said sophomore Victoria Clark. “I was using it as a pom-pom at one point! You meet so many people by doing random things – it’s one of the best things about coming to MOVE. People come up to us when we’re dressed up, or wearing this green tutu, and want a picture with us or just want to tell us they enjoy what we’re doing. We just know we’re going to remember these conferences for the rest of our lives.”


“Dressing up kind of helps you unplug from the rest of the world,” said sophomore Katie Skinner. “MOVE is awesome that way. It’s a fun place where you feel comfortable getting to have fun with your friends.”


08_20_tutu.jpg“I love tutus, so I brought this one,” said freshman Maddigan Hodge. “It’s part of my costume, but earlier this week I took it off and someone just put it on over their clothes – it was hilarious and I guess it just kept going with more and more people wanting to wear it. We have so much fun together, and it’s cool how everybody is loving it. It’s easy to feel connected here at MOVE because we love our church.”