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Why consistency matters so much —

By CIY Staff

Created on 07/30/2021

Welcome to our second installment of a new series called "Rules of Youth Ministry"! We asked a bunch of youth ministers what their most important rules are, both during covid and beyond. Think of it as lessons learned in a pandemic, but applicable always. And it'll take less than five minutes of your time.

In this video, Total Rockstar Youth Pastor Natalie points out something so simple, so timeless, so powerful, and yet so easy to miss:


She even cites brain science research to illusrate why consistency matters so much, and works so well in youth ministry. But don't sit here reading this, watch the video!


Here are some great quotes from Natalie:

"Us being consistent, meeting weekly, having the same people around, always teaching the Bible, always having a safe place for them to gather and provide Christ's community is really important."
"In the world of COVID, they don't know if school is going to happen, their club is going to happen, they don't know if their sport is going to take place tomorrow… even family structure… friend structure… They really really need that consistency [from us]."
"It will take a minute for them to test you and check out if you mean it."
"Every time we're together, we'll always open the Bible… I want them to graduate saying, 'Our youth group taught us the Bible, not everything, but they taught us the Bible.'"