Missions -

When in Rome … serve the Kingdom —

By Faith York

Created on 10/21/2019

Seven years ago I stood up at CIY MOVE to declare my decision to be a missionary, and since then God has moved not only in my heart but He has physically moved me overseas!

This year I followed His leading to Rome, Italy.

"I’m grateful for the impact CIY has had on my life, and I feel like I’ve brought that MOVE energy with me to the mission field. "

I’m serving Team Expansion as a missionary apprentice and I know I’m exactly where God wants me. I know this because many doors closed for other options this year and the process has been hard for an impatient person like me. I’ve had to rely on God’s timing, His providing and His leading. This opportunity in Rome has stretched me already because I’m not really comfortable in a big city, my work isn’t in anything I’ve studied or took an extra interest in – it’s simply sharing the Gospel to make disciples with university students … and at first that scared me.


I always thought of mission trips as having some kind of project or humanitarian aspect. Just sharing the Gospel intimidated me, and even though this place in the world wasn’t my first choice, I decided to follow Christ’s leading.


I’m still learning the language – it’s really hard – but every time I feel down, I just remind myself of everything that’s happened to get me here. God blessed my fundraising and it was members of my home church who first told me about Team Expansion.


I’ve wanted to be a missionary my whole life and it felt like God approved of that desire when I opened my first Kingdom Worker Card at MOVE my freshman year. It said, “Go on a short-term mission trip.”


I joined my church on mission trips to the Dominican Republic four times in high school – serving children with disabilities and helping with many building projects. The way God moved in my heart on that first trip assured me that I was made for mission work.


I loved each MOVE experience in high school, growing in my faith along the way, and this summer I was able to come back as a sponsor. I’m grateful for the impact CIY has had on my life, and I feel like I’ve brought that MOVE energy with me to the mission field.


I would definitely appreciate your prayers for this current journey, and the next adventure on which God wants to take me. I’m letting Him have control, and I pray He enables me to show His love to the people in Rome.


Faith York, from Louisville, Kentucky, graduated from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a degree in exercise science in 2017. After her year apprenticeship with Team Expansion, she will have the option to stay in Italy long-term or pursue a graduate’s degree.