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What youth leaders are saying about MIX —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/18/2019

Youth leaders are loving the MIX tour with this year’s theme, “To be continued …” Here’s a glimpse into the heart of those in the trenches of middle school youth ministry.

“I absolutely love MIX – especially this camp spot in Windermere (MO). The location itself embodies everything camp should be and gets the kids away from all the distractions. We come here and just see them release. We see it year after year and we’ll keep coming back for that experience.”
– Greg Moore, student pastor for Foundry Church in Kansas City, Missouri.


“I love how well MIX does middle school ministry.”
– Derek Birney, student pastor for New Community Christian Church in Salina, Kansas.


“We love MIX with a capital L. There’s a lot to do, and our middle schoolers love it. It’s stellar programming and we as youth leaders get to just hang out with the kids. I have six non-church kids here this year. That’s the most I’ve ever had, and if I had to do the programming, there’s no way I could give them the focus that I can here. Every year the kids get the message, they’re engaged and then they’re on to the next thing. We’re always so impressed how MIX can understand how middle school students think.”
– Natalie Holdren, youth minister for Crestview Christian in Manhattan, Kansas.


“I attended summer conference as a student, served as an Event Staff and now I’m here as a leader. There’s something very unique about CIY that I love and it’s the creative elements. We can read a passage and CIY makes it come alive. I’ve always been grateful for their dedication to make that happen. There’s a trust there’s going to be quality, and a continuous standard of excellence. Our students have come to expect that, and the fun. Our kids are joining together this year more than they ever have and I think it’s because the curriculum creates space and time to process and talk through things as a group. You can tell the students are for each other.”
– Lindsey Harbaugh, middle school pastor for Crossings Church of Oklahoma City.


MIX will wrap up the 2019 tour Aug. 7-10 in Ellensburg, Washington. Find more information about CIY’s summer conference designed specifically for middle schoolers here.