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What students are saying about MOVE —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

It’s been an amazing summer for CIY’s MOVE tour! We’ve loved talking to high schoolers and hearing what’s on their hearts with this year’s theme, “To be continued ...”

Here’s what students have shared this summer …


– Nicholas Smith, senior, Oakwood Christian in Enid, Oklahoma
“The community at MOVE is great in both the big auditorium and the small group time. It’s important we can come together because it can be hard to coordinate schedules back home. The theme this year is particularly good, and I love that it’s a week to focus on Him. It re-centers us. The 60-second quiet time in the SELAH experience helped me a lot. It’s important to be alone with Him to gather thoughts and focus.”


– Dawson Kratzer, junior, First Christian Church of Junction City, Kansas
“MOVE was where I first came to Jesus. It was two years ago, and I wasn’t really into church at that time but I came to the conference with an open mind. I talked to my youth leader a lot that week and asked him a bunch of questions. About two weeks later when we got home from MOVE I decided to get baptized. Ever since then I’ve been all in, and I wanted to come back to CIY because I love this experience. It’s so much fun, the worship is great and I like being able to talk to a bunch of people. One of the kids I met two years ago was Cade Lopez – and it was crazy to see him share his story in one of the videos this year. He’s was at the same week I was at this year (Siloam Springs, Arkansas) and we met up again. It’s such a cool thing to see how far he’s come in his journey.”


– Simeon Martin, junior, Southland Christian Church in Springfield, Missouri
“It has been a long summer with a lot of stressful stuff. I tore my ACL in April playing baseball and I’ve been on crutches ever since. It took me out of basketball and I’ve been really angry about it. I knew I needed to give it to God, but it was hard to work through because it was something I felt I didn’t deserve. Church was even hard and it felt like I was just going through the motions. But MOVE is a great week to focus on God, hang out with my buds and have fun. I’m doing pretty good now – it seems everything is healing. I hope to get back to baseball this fall.”


– James Crow, senior, Grace Point in Bentonville, Arkansas
“I’ve been going to CIY events since eighth grade. I always try to go home with an open mind and let change happen wherever it needs to happen. Usually it’s stuff in the heart – sometimes you don’t know what you’re hiding in there. I usually tell the younger ones in my group that the change that will happen back home will be worth it.”


– Falcon McDoulett, senior, Tuttle Christian Church in Oklahoma
“MOVE is overall always a great experience. I’ve been coming for three years and each time I grow closer to my youth group and my church. This event has made me want to stay with them.”


– Hannah Lobik, sophomore, Grace Point in Bentonville, Arkansas
“This was my first MOVE and it was really cool. It was cool to see so many different churches come together to study under the same awesome influences. I love listening to Bob Witte because he’s so relatable and knows high schoolers. I related to his ‘Top 3’ elective on how we struggle with the concept of love because I have so many friends in relationships and it seems they never work out – even good friendships are difficult. If we don’t filter our relationships through Him then we’re not going to go anywhere because God is the ultimate power source of love. That really stuck with me. I hope I’m able to put my fears aside when it comes to making relationships. I want to love on everyone I can so that they can experience God’s love, too.”


– Robby Petersen, junior, Villa Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri
“It’s a common thing to go to a friend’s house, school or church and be a completely different person. You don’t do it intentionally, but it happens. MOVE helped me realize that was happening to me. It can be hard to learn how to be yourself and own your faith – it’s something that’s yours and it’s not inherited. You come to MOVE and learn things about the people around you, things they struggle with and things they’ve gone through. It’s changed me and I decided to be the same person everywhere I go. At MOVE, you learn to have community. I’m just figuring out how to love everyone around me so I can show them that I’m something different. That’s all I want to do.”


– Daniel Siebert, junior, Mt. Pulaski Christian Church (Illinois)
“The last three years at MOVE have helped me grow in my relationship with God. The combination of the music and sermons made it easier to talk to Him. I started praying more when I got home, and church felt more like a choice than an obligation. CIY is special to our group because one year before we came there was a death in our church. It was a man who did the lights and a lot of the work around the church. I’ll always remember the week he died, there was a lot of hurt in our building that Sunday. Two months after he died our group came to MOVE, and when we came back it seemed like everybody leaned on each other more. I don’t usually cry, but during that week everything just came out. I can feel His presence now more than ever.”


For more information about MOVE – CIY’s summer conference designed specifically for high school students – please visit ciy.com/move. Registration for 2020 events will open at 9 a.m. CST on Oct. 1.