Jr. High -

What people are saying about Believe this year —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/12/2019

Junior high students and youth leaders are raving about this year’s Believe tour and the theme, “I AM.” Here are a few comments about the weekend event:

“It’s a fantastic, junior high-specific event. There’s nothing else like it. It’s specifically organized with junior high students in mind – the energy, the transitions, the way things are explained and worked through – it’s all geared toward middle schoolers and that’s fantastic. The potential of students at this age is awesome, but it’s also about their interest. When it comes to the Bible, the students are genuinely interested to learn about God and what He has for them.”

- Josh Williford, student minister with Crestview Baptist Church in Georgetown, Texas


“I’ve been going way off what God wants me to do, so I prayed with one of my teachers and got saved. I was really upset about what I had been doing, because I wanted to go back on a path of what God wanted me to do. My faith means everything to me. I want to make sure I do what God wants me to do. It means I’ll never give up and take it seriously. Without my youth leaders I’d be a total mess.”

- Bailey Wilson, 13, First Baptist Church Temple in Austin, Texas


“Believe is great. We have a great experience every time we come. We enjoy the format mainly for the students. CIY brings in speakers that are so good. We knew our students would have a good time and connect with Jeff Walling’s speaking. They love the magic (Zak Mirzadeh). The people on the stage aren’t afraid to get crazy with students and allow them to be crazy – which is something they’re not always allowed to do. It’s a good release, but they’re able to pull them back in to do some real teaching and connection. We really jumped when they came out with the theme of identity in Christ and seeing ourselves how God sees us because we think that’s so important with junior high students. This past Wednesday we had nine students give their lives to Christ and five of those students are here with us. We couldn’t think of anything better for those students who just gave their lives to Christ than to find out and hear how God sees them.”

- Dawson Harmon, First Baptist Church Temple in Austin, Texas



“Believe is really fun. My faith in Jesus means everything to me because I wouldn’t be able to live my life. I think it’s important to connect with other Christians because you can learn more and connect with others that might not believe.”

- Brandon Pate, 11, with First Baptist Church Temple in Austin, Texas


“It was an awesome weekend – a lot of energy and so much packed in. It was so cool to see students learn who they are in Christ and grow and have fun and experience everything.”

-  Daniel Hunter, sponsor with Highpoint Fellowship in Austin, Texas


“I think it’s fun. I get to worship and hang out with my friends. I really like the atmosphere. Jeff (Walling) is so great and tells some great stories. I’ve been in the Church my whole life. I started my true faith when I started in the youth program. My church friends are important to me. I really connect at church.”

- Jack Kozack, 13, with Trinity United Methodist Church in Arlington, Texas


The 2018/2019 Believe tour will pick back up Jan. 25-26 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find more dates and locations for this year’s theme, “I AM” here.