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What middle schoolers are saying about MIX this year —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/18/2019

Middle schoolers are having a blast with the MIX team at each stop of the tour this summer. 

Here are a handful of responses from students following their experiences:


“I love it! I love getting to learn more about God and having fun with my friends.”
Allie Keizer, Joplin, MO


“I love MIX cause it’s hands-on, a lot of fun and there’s cool things to do.”
Blake Cates, Kansas City, MO


“I always look forward to a CIY conference! This is my second MIX. It’s cool to spend a week talking about God and making friends. The best time is when we’re just talking in our room getting to know each other better. Last year I rededicated my life because my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was having trouble working through that. This year she was able to stop taking chemo and she’s going to have surgery. It’s inspiring to know God got us through that time, and that it drew us closer to Him.”
Rylan Syring, Derby, KS


“MIX is good. This year there’s quite a few here younger than me, and it gives you more of a sense of leadership. I feel like I’ve stepped up to be more responsible. There’s great vibes here – everyone respects each other and I know Jesus is there for me.”
Jonah Eby, Carthage, MO


“I love the worship when we’re all singing together by the stage. It’s awesome to be here with friends who are there for you. If there’s a problem, we try to be there for each other. I think the hardest thing about being in middle school is sometimes there’s drama, there’s ideas about what makes you popular and how important that is. MIX lets us just be us and there’s something awesome about knowing most of everybody here is a Christian.”
Drew Yockey, Joplin, MO


“MIX is great! This is my third year here. It’s crazy to think of myself as a leader, but it just happens. All of a sudden I’m one of the oldest ones in my group and I’ve noticed there’s more moments when everyone is waiting to see what I say or see where I go. Once in a while I see them struggling with something and I try to help them and show them what I’ve learned.”
Evan Cotterill, Derby, KS


“My favorite part about MIX is the worship because you connect to God. Life is so much better knowing someone’s always going to be there for you. Watching the other kids go up to the stage to show how they’re feeling made me feel so much better. I wasn’t alone. Knowing they struggle with some things that I do made me feel more comfortable and I wasn’t pressured but welcomed.”
Rylynn McFarland, Joplin, MO


“I love socializing with other churches here and hearing their stories. We can relate to everyone here, and we love our small group leader. She’s easy to talk to.”
Laci Lansing, Joplin, MO


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