High School -

What I learned at CIY Move Ireland —

By Jamie Mckee

Created on 10/21/2019

I had heard a lot about CIY MOVE from young people visiting my country of Ireland with CIY Engage, but since I had never gotten to experience the event I still didn’t know what to expect.

The MOVE Ireland week happened this summer and God used that experience to speak to me a lot of times.


I feel the first and most important message I received from God was that His love never fails and that He is always there even if we don’t see it or feel it.


I went to MOVE with my youth group from RIOT Youth Centre. I was able to witness some of our group give their lives to God, and others recommit their lives. I feel our group really gelled together and grew to know each other more while at MOVE. Small group time really helped us to all open up and be honest with each other.


During the week I learned that God loves us no matter what and it doesn’t matter what people say about me. It is only God’s opinion that should matter. I also learned that it is important to spend time with God on your own to help you grow your relationship with Him, but it is good to have a good group of strong believers to help you.


I’ve been inspired to continue to spend more time alone with God, read my Bible and talk to Him.


It was really cool to watch my Kingdom Worker Crash video while there at MOVE and then have people come up to me afterward and say how they could see God working through me. I had no way of knowing how God would use my story to impact their lives.


I really enjoyed my experience at CIY MOVE Ireland and would really recommend it if other youth get the chance to go. Definitely do.


Jamie McKee was the first international student to ever share a testimony in one of the featured Kingdom Worker Crash videos at MOVE this summer. Enjoy more of his story here.