Jr. High -

‘We’re going to defeat Dr. Frankenstein this summer’ —

By Mallory Jenkins

Created on 10/17/2019

One of the great things about a week of MIX for middle schoolers is that they get to be silly … just for the sake of being silly … because that’s part of how God created them.


There are multiple times throughout a MIX week when students just play, and it happens in a place called the Outer Realm. One Outer Realm storyline took students on a wild adventure through which teams had a chance to beat the dastardly villain, Dr. Frankenstein. There were three large-group games that involved every person at the event all at once. These games create memorable moments upon which students can look back for years and say, “That was awesome!” Those three games were:


• Escape – Dr. Frankenstein has captured our students and they must complete different levels of trivia, riddles and puzzles in order to escape his mansion. This is all about teamwork!


• Cuphead Spongefeet – The students have escaped the mansion and now they’re on the run. They’ll have to make it through the wilderness in the middle of a drought because Dr. Frankenstein has stolen all the rainclouds to make a new monster. Expect to get wet in this game.


• Capture the evidence – Dr. Frankenstein is so salty the students escaped, and he’s telling everybody that they don’t even exist! Students will capture their team flags – dodging mischievous monsters along the way – to prove their existence. Collect your “evidence” to win.


I love working on the MIX team, and one of the main reasons is because we aren’t afraid of doing silly things. We’re so excited to laugh again with students this summer and position youth leaders to win with their students because silliness is powerful in student ministry.


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Mallory Jenkins is a MIX program coordinator for Christ In Youth. Her email is Mallory.jenkins@ciy.com.