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Two big reasons why students serve on the MIX event staff —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

Why would a college student commit their summer to traveling around the nation to work with middle schoolers? 

Two of CIY’s summer staff – Kurt Walesch, of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and Jake Reed, of Northern Kentucky – give their take on that question and talk about how awesome it is to be a part of MIX.


1. Kingdom work

“This is my worship,” Reed said. “Whether it’s setting up dodgeball or the human car wash – it’s all for God. I just kept feeling called to CIY this summer. I prayed, ‘God, if you want me at CIY you’ll get me there.’ So I applied and here I am. God wanted me here. It’s been so amazing – it’s been hard work but I haven’t felt the weight of the hard work because I told God, ‘This is all for you. This work is going to be dedicated to you.’ It’s great.”


Walesch said he sees the importance of the Outer Realm and how God uses fun in the program to impact students’ lives.


“Our job in the Outer Realm is just having fun and showing the kids this is a fun, safe place,” he said. “I know this is where I need to be. God is really revealing to me what it means to be closer to Him and He’s speaking to me through leaders, kids and my team – through all these experiences – even in hard times when we have to set up in the blazing heat. It’s totally worth it to see these kids with the biggest smiles, and seeing the leaders just laughing. It’s always super rewarding to hear leaders’ awesome experiences.”


2. Spiritual growth

CIY’s event staff report all summer long about unforgettable moments they’ve enjoyed with students – but that’s not all. Walesch, a student at Ozark Christian College, said his summer with the MIX team has truly opened another chapter in his life and brought him closer to God.


“God’s plan for me this year was a position at CIY and this was exactly what I needed,” he said. “It’s been amazing. I became a Christian as a junior in high school, and I still think that’s pretty fresh. I’m still figuring out how to live for God every day. I never understood the concept of God talking to me. Through this summer already, I can really see He’s done that. Not only through specific sponsors and leaders but through my team. Our team is so caring, encouraging and loving, and I can hear God speaking through them to my life.”


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