High School -

This changed EVERYTHING for youth group digital interaction —

By Josh Schack

Created on 04/09/2020

Our church’s tech team found a way to broadcast a Zoom meeting to Instagram Live and it CHANGED THE GAME for our youth group.

Students were crazy-engaged, we could have multiple students competing against each other in our game (not just the one Screen Share that you can do with IG Live) even broadcast slides for worship as our team led songs ... all while broadcasting to IG Live.


Once you have this set up, you can do all kinds of unique things!


• Anything you can share on your screen via Zoom, you can do on your stream. We use DYM Sidekick and ProPresenter to show slides, play games, worship lyrics, etc.

• You can also input pre-recorded videos into your livestream. We pre-record worship with a good microphone and camera for better sound and picture quality. Then we add the worship lyrics over the video, and then roll the video at the end of the broadcast.

• The live student interaction on Zoom is one of the best parts. Instead of just split-screening with one person on an IG Live feed, this software allows multiple students to be involved at once on the broadcast – which makes the interactions way more fun!

• You can overlay a service start countdown!

• Remember there's a 15-second delay between what you say and what people on IG live see.


Josh Schack is the student ministry pastor at First Christian Church in Santa Maria, California. To check out the Instagram Live service, find the handle @fccstudents.