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“They come from the same mud as me.” —

By CIY Staff

Created on 08/06/2021

A story of life change, waiting, and redemption—in their own words.
These quotes have been lightly edited for clarity.

When Braylon experienced God's presence at CIY MOVE in the summer of 2019, he knew he couldn't be silent. On the very night he made his decision to follow God anew, he texted his best friends back home. He told them he'd experienced something amazing, and he wanted them to experience it, too.

Why did you make a decision at MOVE 2019?

Braylon: "I saw what God was doing in the other people around me, and I wanted to feel that, I wanted to be able to experience that. I know everybody's journey is not the same, but I wanted to make that step in my own journey, experience it for myself. That way I can go tell other people about it."

The night he made his decision for Jesus, Braylon texted his friends about what his experience was.

Braylon: "I was a little hesitant because me and my friends never really talked about that kind of thing. That's not something we did as a friend group. But then I realized that these are my friends, they'll accept it and they'll trust me. They come from the same mud as me. So I just took that chance and made the leap."

What was your motivation to text your friends?

Braylon: "The thing I experienced that night was something I had never experienced before. I couldn't even explain it to them. The only thing I could do was tell them, y'all need to come experience it for yourselves."

What did Braylon's friends think when they got that text?

"I thought he was crazy. A little bit."

"I thought it was something I might want to do. I'll try it."

"I wanted to see it for myself."

But then COVID happened. Nearly 2 years passed. What happened in the meantime?

Braylon: "I got back home, and obviously they're going to ask me about it, and I was telling them, 'church is on Sunday.' So they start coming to church, they start going to youth group and having fun, and they saw how it was a family. Everybody loves everybody. That was just something that... who wouldn't want that?"

Finally, summer 2021 rolls around and they're all at CIY MOVE together. They've been part of a church family for around two years. During the week, they have all experienced what their friend experienced before them and invited them into.

And, just as Braylon did two years before, each of them have responded to God's call on their life. They've all made decisions for Jesus.

"I wanted a fresh start. New beginning."

"It is time for a change. Felt like I'm a son of God now, with Jesus. He forgave me all my sins, and it's time to start a new beginning."

After committing their lives to Jesus, their pastor was able to tell their story on stage. They sat together on stage, their testimony shared, about what God had done and will continue to do in their lives. Check out the photos below!

This is truly a Summer Like No Other. God is at work!