Jr. High -

The world is bound to change with students like these —

By Chris Roberts

Created on 09/25/2018

God is using middle school students to change the world. The MIX team is overwhelmed with stories of life-change in both students and leaders.

Here are a few of their stories:


"The weekend before MIX we had a boy back out. So, I texted a few people, and on a whim a seventh grader named Joseph ended up joining us. Only one person in our group knew Joseph. Everyone else was meeting him for the first time. Joseph has a severe lisp. He is also VERY skinny. On Wednesday night during group time he opened up to his group that he is bullied at school for his size and lisp and even at the church his parents went to. He said he cried every day after school and church. At the end of the week he called his mom and said, 'Mom we have to go to this church now. They don't care that I have a lisp. They treat me like Jesus.' I know MIX couldn't have planned a moment like this, but I do know Joseph would still have no hope if it wasn't for MIX. You opened the door for Jesus to work. ps.... Joseph was at church Sunday. He even won a game on stage a got free food! Everyone was chanting his name." – Jeremy, Franklin Christian Church


"I have a youth group full of kids who were basically born on a pew. Half of which are home-schooled. All they have ever known is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. So they have a tendency to be bored with it all, feel like they know it all, and never show an ounce of questioning, doubt, or stirring. It has been difficult to know what to do. I hoped that camp would help me figure some things out. The first few days that was not the case. I felt discouraged and started feeling like I had failed them. Then Tuesday day I started to see a switch. By Wednesday night almost all of my students were praying, worshiping, and weeping. They had their hands raised. They linked onto each other. For the first time a few of them individually opened up to me and let me in. I got to pray for my students and worship with my students. I wept watching them be transformed by Jesus. I'm crying now just recounting it. Thank you so much for all the time and professionalism you put into this. The prayer and leadership. The organization as a whole is beyond amazing. I had to sell my church on camp, even my pastor. But the promos were so well done I garnered some excitement and with the way these students are returning I have no doubt my church will be on board for more experienced like this for our students." – Rico, CrossHaven Church


"We have a new student named Nick. He started riding his bike to youth group in February. He rides his bike because his mom doesn't come to church and his family doesn't have a car. After having good attendance and catching rides to events with leaders, I offered him a scholarship to attend MIX. At first he didn't understand and told me that he just didn't have the money. After explaining to him that he could go without paying, he began to cry and gave each adult a hug. He was so excited to come. While on our way, one of our adult leaders asked the guys, 'If you had a $100, what would you buy?' Of course the guys start talking about clothes, games and electronics. After a few moments the adult leader asked Nick. 'I'd buy groceries for my family, so we wouldn't need food stamps,' he responded. Once we got to MIX, Nick walked around with huge eyes, just blown away at the stage, the campus, and the music. He sat down at dinner with a full plate the first night and said, 'This is the best meal I've ever eaten!' ... It was lasagna. On Thursday night Nick came to me to talk about Jesus. He said that he knew of Jesus and understood the cross, but that he'd never been baptized. Nick is meeting with me tomorrow about getting baptized and stood up at the end of MIX for a first-time decision. I know we all have stories and we all have different backgrounds, but Nick has truly impacted myself and our adult leadership team." – Greg, Legacy Christian


One of our eighth grade students named Ethan is going through a particularly hard season filled with storms. His dad has a rare form of throat cancer and the treatment he receives is brutal. His dad can hardly talk, can only drink liquids, and because the radiation used is so severe, it is unsafe for minors to touch him. So that means Ethan and his two older brothers can't hug, wrestle, or embrace their dad. Ethan was able to vent a lot of his frustrations with God this week, saying there were times when he would just go to his room at home and cry and scream at God. He also felt guilt for being so mad at God, but he didn't know what else to do. This week he was able to work through that anger, to share that guilt and went home trusting that Jesus would be with him through the storm." – Taylor, Mission Church


"Our guys and girls came to camp with a lot of storms going on in their life – everything from divorce, family hardships, and even parents going to prison. The second day on walking through the storms in our life while keeping our eyes on Jesus was the most powerful moment for our group – and that I've ever seen at any camp." – Hunter, Mountain View Fellowship


MIX is a four-day summer conference for middle school students (6-8 grades) designed to address the unique spiritual, cognitive and developmental needs of that age group. ciy.com/mix