Jr. High -

The story of Elijah ... just for junior highers —

By Mallory Jenkins

Created on 10/15/2019

We all love a good story.

More often than not, the medium through which most stories are told in today’s world is online streaming of shows on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, or in movie theaters on the big screen.


Junior highers are no different than the rest of us, and consume many stories each day through those mediums.


To be intentional about speaking the “language” of a junior higher, MIX will use the imagery of a TV during this summer’s tour, while studying the story of Elijah. Within that imagery, the daily themes will be “Broadcast,” “Tune In,” “Are you still watching?” and “To be Continued …”


The daily teachings will feature Elijah, a bold prophet in the Old Testament who broadcasted God’s message. As young Kingdom workers, the junior higher will take a close look at his life and come to understand that they must tune in to that message. Those students will also learn that just like they face peaks and valleys in their lives, so, too, did a spiritual hero like Elijah. Even a prophet of God can feel alone.


It’s important for junior high students to hear stories of God coming in and taking control – how He turns average people into remarkable Kingdom workers. God proves His power through someone willing to just show up and be led, and He can prove that through the heart of any junior high student willing to walk by faith. To reiterate that idea, every session will emphasize how God is the main character of our stories, and He has given us a place of honor by providing responsibilities in his Kingdom – he has given us Kingdom work.


Junior highers want to be a part of something bigger – even if they’re feeling like they don’t have a lot to offer – and MIX will encourage them to know they can glorify God if they’re willing to stand up for Him in a world that denies Him.


Mallory.jpgLearn more about this year’s MIX theme – as well as dates and locations – here. Mallory Jenkins is a program coordinator for Christ In Youth. Her email is Mallory.jenkins@ciy.com.