Jr. High -

The best ministry moments can’t happen without this —

By Mallory Jenkins

Created on 10/21/2019

The CIY MIX team has the greatest joy in hosting middle school conferences every year across the country, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret about this touring event.

Adult leaders are what make the experience so amazing for students – AND for the MIX staff!


God is working when that adult leader is exhausted from staying up late listening to a student’s convicted heart. God is working when that adult leader dives into a mounding pile of bubbles to make his or her students laugh. God is working when that adult leader walks for – what seems FOREVER – to a nearby gas station to get snacks. God is working when that adult leader braids the 15th head of hair because she (or he?) wanted all of the girls to feel included.


When we prepare the MIX program, we lean into the Holy Spirit to explore topics and guide conversations that will set youth pastors and small group leaders up to win with their students – fully aware they’re the ones who go deeper into those conversations on a personal level with each of their students. These relationships carry on, but MIX gets the joy of seeing those bonds grow stronger. We love providing the time and place where distractions are taken away, the pressure of running the event is off their shoulders and all they have to do is have a blast with their kids and help them grow closer to Jesus.


For this I am extremely grateful to the adult leaders who take the time to share victories and return the love back to the MIX team. Time after time this summer my heart exploded to meet adult leaders already serving to meet the needs of foster families in their communities. We heard amazing responses about the “Hard to Place” dramatic reading – inspired from the CIY-produced short film about two kids’ journey in the foster care system. It touched our team’s hearts to be beautifully reminded that there are Kingdom workers out there already doing God’s work.


We love you, adult leaders. Thank you for all you do for middle schoolers and letting the Holy Spirit guide your actions and words to influence students’ lives.


We can’t wait to see you next summer at MIX!


Mallory Jenkins is a MIX program coordinator for Christ In Youth. Her email is Mallory.jenkins@ciy.com.