Jr. High -

The 5 Ws of YB —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

Christian rapper YB joined the CIY Believe tour in 2019 as a host, and junior highers across the country have loved hearing his faithful story.


Here are the five Ws – plus an H – that you need to know about this extremely talented artist who has a heart for students and the Lord. (After you love this, check out this video with YB on the 5 Myths About Rap!) 

Who is YB?

I’m a husband, a father and a Christian rapper. My name is Brandon Farris. I got the idea for the stage name “YB” from my older brother. When I started my career, I was going by “Young Bran,” then my brother said, “What happens when you get older? Does it become Old Bran?” We thought “Why be (YB) normal?” Together we locked in the name, “YB.”


What is YB doing?
This answer could go in several directions! At the moment we’re putting the finishing touches on a new album, and teaching my daughter how to ride her bike. Let’s just say, finishing the album was easier!


When is YB?
I joined the 2019 Believe tour in October and I've loved every minute! After two years of learning about this event, I finally got to experience it for myself - and my mind is blown!


Where is YB?
I live in Sherwood, Arkansas – just 10 minutes from Little Rock – but I hit every single stop of the 11-city Believe tour!


Why is YB?
My journey to Christ has impacted me in a way that has put a fire in me for young people. I remember vividly making my decision to follow Jesus. Now that I’m following Him, I want to be a part of creating those moments for other students.


How is YB?
I’m good! I just came off a much-needed vacation with my family. We laughed, we ate, ate and ate! Things are going well!


Learn more about YB and hear his music by clicking here.