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SuperStart director thanks CIY for 5 awesome years —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

It’s not easy saying goodbye to a friend, but the CIY family is excited to see what God’s plans are for Drew Crisp, who is saying goodbye after five years with the ministry.

Crisp has served CIY as an emcee, stage actor and beloved member of the team as a program director for SuperStart and program administrator for Believe. Along with his wife, Cailee, the Crisps plan to move to North Carolina this summer to be closer to family. 


“I can’t even begin to line out all of the life lessons, heroes, friends and family I have in this place,” Crisp said. “When I think about putting ‘hero’ in that context, I don’t think of a cape. I think of Andy Hansen (CIY president) in the way he treats people. The way he’s focused and driven for a specific mission and that mission is the heartbeat for Jesus – that is a hero.”


Crisp said the next chapter for his life will be Christ-driven, never forgetting the lessons and wonderful memories he’s made with the people at CIY.


“I know the vision of Kingdom work that has been instilled within me here carries with me,” he said. “We’ll try to see where God is working and where we can be used in this next venture.”


Registration for the 2018/2019 SuperStart tour began July 1, and Crisp said he knows another year will bring another round of preteens who collectively have given him hope for the future.


“Investing in the next generation is worthy and effective and I truly believe preteens are not just the future of the Church – they are the present Church,” Crisp said. “Through the conversations I’ve had – and maturity I’ve seen – in preteens, I truly believe that even though it feels like people are saying ‘The sky is falling,’ there’s a pretty strong foundation coming up and currently here. I believe if they walk with Jesus and continue to allow His teachings to be their foundation – set their house on the rock, not the sand – we’re going to be OK. I would encourage them to establish their life on the rock that is Jesus, follow His path, listen closely and continue to invest in the Church.”


CIY will certainly miss Crisp’s humor and fun-loving dedication to the ministry.


“There are some verses that I take literally, and I really think He would use the rocks to glorify His name,” Crisp said. “It’s just an honor to be a part of that – it’s been an honor to glorify His name at CIY.”