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Student: ‘Hard to Place’ changed our lives —

By Anna Harmon

Created on 10/21/2019

I always experience something life-changing when I attend a MOVE conference, but this year’s “Hard To Place” film hit especially close to home for me.

When I was born, my mom was young when she had me and so she gave me to her parents to raise me. I’m OK with that – she was doing the best she could for me. She easily could have put me up for adoption, but instead she kept me with family. I know I’m fortunate because not everyone else’s story is good.


This year’s video “Hard to Place” – which is about kids in the foster care system – hit close to home and broke my whole youth group’s heart.


I have friends in the foster care system right now. I also had friends sitting by me at MOVE, who I’ve known for years, start opening up for the first time about things they’ve never talked about before because of “Hard to Place.”


Everyone knew the foster care issue is a big deal, but no one knew just how bad some situations are for some kids. We know not every situation is that severe, but it really did open our eyes to the fact that everybody is going through something. Just to be put in the foster system is heartbreaking in itself.


We felt like God used “Hard to Place” to call us to act.


Our group talked about it a lot, and we’re going to serve a local nonprofit called Heart to Heart. It’s a child advocacy center for abused kids. We’re going to start out small and hopefully be able to make a bigger impact later, but we’re collecting donations and toys. It’s a good starting point and I’m excited about where it could take us.


I was created to care. I’m a very emotional person and all I want to do is help others. That’s why I want to get my EMT certification after high school. A lot of my family members have worked in the medical field – including my mom – and I’ve spent my whole life watching them help others.


Now it’s my turn. And along the way, I’ll ask if I can pray with the people I help. I’ve seen a lot of change start with prayer … and we pray a lot with CIY.


08_01_Anna.jpgAnna Harmon will be a high school senior this fall in Sedgwick, Kansas.