Jr. High -

Q&A with Isaac Pitman —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

CIY’s Believe program welcomed the band ISAAC on the 2019/2020 tour to lead worship for thousands of junior high students.

Front man Isaac Pitman answers a few questions about who the band is and what they love most about the Believe tour:


Q. What made you say ‘Yes’ to lead junior high students in worship this year with Believe?


A. Junior high students know how to have a good time! They’re so full of life and light and energy. It was an easy “Yes” for us as a band because: 1. We believe in the mission and message of CIY; and 2. Junior high students are at such a pivotal, shaky, ever-changing-point in their lives and it’s an honor to be a voice – even for a moment – to point them to Jesus and show them who He says they are and embrace this beautiful story He is writing for them.


Q. What do you love most about this age?


A. They still have that childlike wonder. They still dream big. They inspire me to keep dreaming big and to really live!


Q. Tell us about your passion for connecting with the Father through song.


A. I think of David and the Psalms ... music to me is what feelings sound like. Music evokes emotion. Lyrics and melodies lead and stir the heart to praise! I write from my experiences in life and how I see Jesus woven throughout the good, the bad and the ugly. The songs we desire to write are simply honest prayers and cries of our heart to the Father’s heart.


Q. What do you hope students will experience at Believe?


A. I hope they experience the love of God, and that they would taste and see that the Lord really is good! CIY is such an amazing ministry that provides not just an excellent experience for the youth of America, but they create moments in their programs and point DIRECTLY to Jesus. He is at the center of all they do. We are blessed to be a part of what God’s doing in and through them this year.


To learn more about ISAAC Pitman the Band, please visit isaacpittman.com. To find dates and locations for the upcoming CIY Believe tour, please click here.