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Poland trip stretches high schooler beyond her limits —

By Megan Sexton

Created on 10/21/2019

When you go on a trip of a lifetime, people want to hear about it when you come back home.

My trip to Poland in 2019 was centered around the Gospel, and it’s cool that the stories I get to share with the people back home are so Gospel-centered.


My experience on a CIY Engage mission trip forever changed me. I've been reaching out and sharing love to people I never thought I would – specifically fellow students and staff members at my school. When I came home and school started, everybody was eager to hear about my trip and I quickly realized the trip itself was a great door opener to all kinds of conversations. 


God opened my eyes to see I wasn’t stepping beyond my limits and sharing the Gospel through love at home – because that’s one of the main things we did in Poland with CIY’s mission partner, Proem Ministries. It felt like we were just one, big family and I’ll never forget the relationships I made with the people there. I loved our Engage team and our leaders, and I fell in love with the kids and staff members of Proem Ministries.


I’m so glad I went, because to tell you the truth, the beautiful country of Poland wasn’t my first choice. A year ago, I came home from MOVE – CIY’s summer conference for high schoolers – 100 percent convinced that I would be going to the Dominican Republic.


I walked through the door basically telling my mom I was going to go pack for the DR and all she had to do was “Sign Here!” Looking back at that moment, I’m not upset or surprised she said “No.” But after a lot of conversations about Engage and studying all of the trip options, she recommended I go to Poland. I know God had a hand in this decision because what I experienced wasn’t like anything I could have ever asked for.


I had never felt so comfortable sharing the love of Jesus than I did in Poland, and now I feel called to provide that atmosphere everywhere I go. I hope to go again next summer and experience more of what God is already doing there.


Megan Sexton, 16, is from Payson, Arizona.