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Out of 1,000 students, God wanted me to hear this one … —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/18/2019

My worst nightmare happened five years ago.

While working for the day, my mother-in-law had kept my kids – Nolan, 4, and Nora, 1, – and at the end of the workday I was waiting for her to bring them to the office. Over the police scanner in the newspaper office where I was working, I heard of an accident that happened near my mother-in-law’s home. I texted her immediately.


Heard of an accident out your way. Hope you’re alright.


She responded:


It was us.


I was out the door and driving down the highway – praying like I never had before – when my mother-in-law’s phone called me back. I picked up and said, “I’m on my way!”


A voice of a man I’ll never forget said, “They’re alright.”


It was a state trooper – one of the first responders to the accident. His voice was calming and clear. He told me not to speed, that my children and mother-in-law were on their way to the hospital, and that they were going to be OK … That it was ALL going to be OK.


In that moment, that state trooper was a stranger, telling a frantic mother that her children were OK. My response went something like, “Listen mister, if you’re on the way to the hospital, you’re NOT OK.”


The accident occurred at a dangerous intersection and no one was at fault, but the other driver lost his life that day. My mother-in-law suffered a head injury and my son had a broken nose. My daughter only had a bruise where the seatbelt held her in place.


I was so glad when the nightmare was over.


Five years later and God’s path brought me to CIY MOVE in Arkansas as a storytelling staff member. During one of the evening sessions I watched a young man named Gavin make a decision to follow Christ, and something told me I needed to talk to him about it.


Talk about a prompting from God!


His story touched my heart in a huge way. (You can click here to read all of it.) Gavin told me about how his mother attempted suicide about two years ago, and how God touched his life through a state trooper. He went on to say when he turns 21, he plans to join the State Trooper Academy because of that experience.


He’s going to be a Kingdom worker in moments when people need Jesus the most, and that is nothing short of incredible. I know what that moment is like – when your world seems to be coming to an end – and hear a clear, calm voice say, “It’s all going to be OK.”


It wasn’t until after I spoke to Gavin that I realized God was speaking to me through that state trooper five years ago. My Heavenly Father found a way to tell me that everything was going to be alright in the darkest and most terrifying time of my life.


There are all kinds of amazing stories coming out of this year’s MOVE tour, but this one impacts me personally because God specifically brought this young man into my path. I’ve learned He speaks to us in all kinds of ways, but always through the Holy Spirit’s leading and divine purpose. I’ve seen Him protect my children and empower my mother-in-law. Within a nightmare, God’s goodness and presence was there. As grateful as I am for that moment five years ago, I’m just as grateful He was there this summer when Gavin chose to give his life to Him and show me His greatness through this student’s story.


The Lord is going to do amazing things with Gavin. He already did for me.


Becca Haines is a communications coordinator for Christ In Youth.