Jr. High -

Nothing stopped God’s grace from this 14-year-old —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/10/2019

Sierra Weaver has every reason to feel unloved and abandoned. 

Drug addiction tore her family apart when she was little and she and her older brother have lived in 10 different foster homes – one of which Weaver described as abusive.


But the eighth grader from Stoneburg, Texas, expressed nothing but gratefulness for God’s grace while attending CIY’s Believe event this fall.


“For a long time I thought it was Jesus’ fault,” she said. “If I could tell other kids going through something like that, it would be to never give up on Jesus because He’s always there in those times. My church taught me things and saw me through everything – [The abuser] was sentenced to a long time in jail, and he won’t hurt anyone else now. That’s the good that came out of it.”


Not only did God stop the abuse, He brought Weaver’s father back into her life. Weaver’s youth worker volunteer with Stoneburg Baptist Church, Felicia Taylor, said she has witnessed amazing changes this past year with the Weaver family.


“Sierra’s dad carries a lot of guilt because of what happened,” Taylor said. “He’s going to family counseling now, and I know it’s an answer to our prayers. God is working in that family and you can see it.”


Weaver was baptized after she and her youth group attended Believe last year, and she also removed all of the inappropriate music from her phone. Just subtle changes can make all the difference, she said.


“We pray before we eat,” she said. “I read my Bible and pray before, during and after school. I love hanging out with my youth group. Without them I don’t know what I’d do. I wouldn’t be here. They’re like my family. I’m so glad I got to come back to Believe this year. Last year when I was here, God told me that He loved me no matter what – and I believe it.”