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Barna book explores resiliency of young Christians —

By Becca Haines

Created on 10/21/2019

A book from Barna President David Kinnaman provides researched-based data and dialog that explores the impact of the digital world on young people.

The conversations stirred from this resource will strengthen ministries across the globe and encourage emotionally connected churches to reach the next generation.


CIY was pleased to welcome Kinnaman in 2019 as he talked about “Faith For Exiles: 5 Ways for a New Generation to Follow Jesus in Digital Babylon.”


“CIY loves its partnership with Barna because no one has their finger on the pulse of the emerging generation like they do,” said Eric Epperson, CIY’s vice president of storytelling. “David’s book shook me to the core. He’s done the homework and the discoveries are essential lessons for every youth worker. If you want to know who Gen Z is, and what makes young Christians resilient, you have to get your hands on this book.”


The book is part of a trilogy that dives into information and perspectives of the next generation when it comes to faith, church and life. Find the trilogy – “Faith for Exiles,” “You Lost Me,” and “Un Christian” – on Amazon and more information about Barna Research Group here.


Within the pages of Kinnaman’s book are encouraging words and five practical practices for ministries to use to cultivate faithfulness in young people. Kinnaman partnered with authors Gabe Lyons and Mark Matlock to produce the resource for youth leaders.


“It has a personal passion behind it,” Kinnaman said. “My hope is that youth ministers see their own parenting and decisions as leaders in their households and look at the kind of people we are – not just the programs we run. I also hope it gives a different and clear set of guidelines to grow in the seeds of God’s work in people’s hearts. When we look at the parable of the sower, we can look at the conditions of our ministry scientifically but what I hope the book does is soften the soil – the way in which we do the work of ministry – so that there are greater results in leading more people into deeper, more meaningful relationships with Jesus.”