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MOVE Ireland: God continues to move —

By Johan Van Der Flier

Created on 10/21/2019

We were ecstatic with the variety of groups that attended the first-ever CIY MOVE conference in Ireland in 2019, and the presence of God was there in ways we didn’t fully anticipate.

The atmosphere was amazing! There were groups from all different denominations, and we had a good representation of young people from key areas around the country. The young people were excited and engaged with the program, and we saw them encouraging one another to experience what God was doing and wanting to do in their lives during the week.


The speakers were: Jasper Rutherford – CIY’s European director; Pippa Baker, Sam Corcoran, Dermot Mahony from Limerick, and myself. Ryan Griffith and the band from Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast led us in worship and did a fantastic job of leading young people into the presence of God. They explained worship in a way that was accessible for every individual who was present – no matter their background.


We had a significant number of young people choose to follow Jesus during multiple evening sessions. God moved in powerful ways, and He continues to do so in the lives of the young people we met that week.


We are hearing about young people going back to their communities and family members and bringing more people to church with them. In one group alone, all nine individuals chose to take steps to follow Jesus.


For many of the young people, it was a moment with God that they’ve never before experienced. We heard testimonies of realizations that God is bigger and better than we think and that He wants us to be involved in His story … and vice versa! It was an environment that shows young people what is possible when you choose to put your faith in Jesus and how it can change communities.


We hope that MOVE will continue to grow and serve the local church in Ireland. We are praying that more churches and denominations will get involved for next year and we can continue the CIY mission in Ireland. We believe that God is doing new things in this country and that we are ONE of the things that He is going to use to impact this nation!


Johan.jpgJohan Van Der Flier is CIY’s associate director of Ireland.