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Moment in Poland opens eyes of high school senior —

By Becca Haines

Created on 11/19/2019

Molly Storms never questioned whether or not she would go on a CIY Engage mission trip when she was old enough. After watching her older siblings go on international trips, she knew it was only a matter of time before she, too, would take a trip of her own.

The only question was … where would she go?


The 17-year-old from Joplin, Missouri said she was seeking something different than what her siblings had experienced in Northern Ireland and Haiti, but the last thing she expected was what she encountered in Zakościele, Poland.


The Engage team spent most of the time on the trip serving at a camp hosted by Proem Ministries. Molly was happy she was assigned a small group of 11-year-old girls because this is the age group she serves at her home church. She enjoyed worshiping with the Polish girls in ways similar to how she does back home – noting that kids are kids no matter where you are in the world. Every day Molly taught the girls English for a couple hours, and when she wasn’t in the classroom she was helping Proem staff keep the camp clean and secure.


“The girls in my group were the sweetest, smartest kids I’ve ever met – we all absolutely fell in love with the kids we served – but by the end of each day we were exhausted,” Molly said. “As a way to recharge in the middle of the week, Proem held a worship service just for the adults. That night was the first time we were all able to worship with no distractions or language barriers. Some of the worship leaders were Polish and some were American, allowing everyone in the room to sing out in whichever language they could. My heart was so full listening to everyone sing in the same breath – but different languages. It changed everything about the way I see God’s Kingdom. It’s so much bigger than me, my country and the limitations of my language. God made it so clear to me in that moment that I am to share the Gospel wherever I am in the world.”


When Molly returned home from Poland, she said her motivation to serve her church was deeply enriched and refreshed.


“I want other people’s views of the Kingdom to grow as mine has,” she said. “I think about the people of Zakościele every day – especially during worship. Every time I’ve led worship back home, I’ve been thinking of that beautiful moment in Poland. I can’t wait to sing with them again sometime in the future. I’m so grateful to be a part of God’s Kingdom.”


Molly Storms is a high school senior from Joplin, Missouri.