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MIX wraps up another sweet summer —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/25/2018

It's always a bittersweet moment when the MIX team makes the final stop of the tour.

CIY loves sharing what students and youth leaders say about the summer conference specifically designed for middle school students.

“I was expecting MIX to be really fun, and it has exceeded my expectations. I’ve learned this week that I need to be more extensive and not just including my friends or other Christians around me and bringing it to people that maybe I’ve never seen before. There’s a friend that I really need to talk to. If they’re not willing to be a Christian at a younger age – and if I don’t try – it might be harder for them to accept Him in the future.”
- Sixth grader Josiah Hazlewood from College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri


“We love MIX. We came last year for the first time. Our church hadn’t gone to CIY anything in a long time. And last year, all the adult leaders and I were all blown away by how specific to middle schoolers everything was so successfully geared. The adults walked away from that first session like, ‘Oh my gosh it’s so back and forth between video, song, skit and puppet show,’ then we got back to small group it was so obvious the kids had been paying attention for the two-hour session. It’s amazing. You can’t deny the fact that it works. We’re MIX all the way – we love it so much – and the kids love it. God is working.”
- Eli Bayless, student pastor with Riverlawn Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas


“We love the content. It’s so Gospel-centered and we’re so excited about it.”
- Kaleigh Minning, youth leader for Faith Church in Valley Center, Kansas


“I love my youth group. We’ve been together since third grade. They’re like brothers to me. MIX is really cool. I like the live worship, but this one is on another level entirely. The service is pretty good because they explain it in a way we can understand it. It’s super cool. I like it a lot.
The line for the (first-time decisions for Christ) button was mind-blowing. I didn’t expect that many people to do that, and it was super cool to see that many people putting themselves out there. All of our youth group, we were all in tears. I think the best part is having the time to connect with not just my friends but to God, too.
- Middle schooler Kaden Crosson with Eastern Hills Community Church in Aurora, Colorado.


“It’s awesome! I love the games and worship – it’s amazing. It’s opening my heart more to God and changing my life.”
- MacKenzie Ingram, 11, with the First Christian Church in Texhoma, Oklahoma (who was baptized during the recreation day during MIX this year when her youth group went to White Water in Oklahoma City.)


“The kids are having a lot of fun and learning. I love the tangible nature – especially for the middle school aspect of it. There’s a lot of hands-on stuff, activity-based things and the coolest thing that’s stuck out to me is it’s a fast-pace between sessions, worship, skits, videos and teaching, and that’s very crucial in my experience with middle school students. Some of the skits have really struck a chord with our kids, and that’s been really cool in that aspect.”
- Nick Enabnit, middle school ministry associate with College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri


“I love getting to hang out with my friends more often than just Sundays and Wednesday nights. The praise and worship is really good, too. I’m going to try to be more kind to my sister cause I’m kind of a jerk to her. We have the same type of personality with wanting to be the boss. My dad’s told me for a long time I need to be nicer to her, and the ‘include’ lesson from the session really moved my heart.”
- Middle schooler Jonathan Dorner with Riverlawn in Valley Center, Kansas


“I’m going to be more respectful to my parents cause I haven’t been lately. Maybe lose my attitude. They do a lot for me.”
- Middle schooler Nick Mudd with Riverlawn in Valley Center, Kansas


“It’s so engaging you just want to stay and listen more.”
- Middle schooler Amberle Scogin with Faith Church in Valley Center, Kansas


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