Jr. High -

MIX program challenges students to seek aspects of Christ —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/25/2018

This year’s MIX program motivated students to immediately start displaying specific Christ-like aspects of “Prayer,” “Includes,” “Forgives,” “Serves” and “Speaks” in their lives. During a Kingdom worker session in the middle of the week, students were encouraged to choose one aspect as a youth group to implement back home in their communities. Cards with specific challenges were offered at each represented aspect’s table.

The youth group from Faith Church in Valley Center, Kansas unanimously chose “Speak,” and expressed they were up to the challenge.


“We are going to do 10 encouraging letters, with a Biblical verse of encouragement, throughout the year,” said Kaleigh Minning, youth leader with Faith Church. “There was no hesitation – they knew what table to go to. We were so proud they were ready. Many of them know already who they want to write to.”


Minning’s husband, Matt, is Faith Church’s director of ministries and a huge fan of the MIX conference.


“This is our first time at a CIY event and we absolutely love it,” he said. “Everything is Gospel-centered. I’ve been to a lot of church camps and sometimes there’s an agenda or pressure to make statements that may or may not be true. Not here. There’s a warm welcome, everything from the stage is spot on Christ and from the Bible. CIY is nailing it. We hope to be back next year.”


MIX Program Coordinator Mallory Jenkins, who helped lead the Kingdom worker session this summer, encouraged students to find boldness in their faith.


“You may not think you have much of an influence but think about all the people you come into contact with,” she told the attendees. “Your homes, sports, schools – you have the opportunity to serve so many people. Prayers you send are heard. When you pray when no one else is watching, that means it’s for no one else but God. It’s a powerful thing. Jesus included, spoke, served, prayed and forgave – you can start a movement by living those aspects in your life and it can start today.”


After a Kingdom worker session, middle schooler Jonathan Dorner with Riverlawn Christian Church from Wichita, Kansas, said he was going to work on a certain relationship at home.


“The ‘Include’ lesson from the session really moved my heart,” he said. “I’m going to try to be more kind to my sister cause I’m kinda a jerk to her. We have the same type of personality with wanting to be the boss.”


Prayer is something very real to middle schooler Kayden McCurdy, from Central Christian Church in Wichita, Kansas. She shared after the session that her grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer twice and has been healed twice.


“I do pray every night and at meals with my family,” she said. “It’s something my family has always done to praise Jesus. I just pray for daily life, friends and school but we’ve prayed for my grandma a lot. It’s a way to connect to God. I believe He will answer prayers.”