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Lena Williams is a Kingdom Worker —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

CIY’s Kingdom Worker Crash is an opportunity for high school students to share how God has placed a desire on their heart and use them to make a difference in their communities.


Here is Lena Williams' story.




Lena Williams was inspired in 2011 to help with the water crisis in Zambia. She made bracelets and sold each one for a dollar, and in three months she raised $5,000 and sponsored a well in the Zambia. Lena thought her project was finished, but when her grandmother was sick with cancer in 2012 Lena told her she would pursue a second well project in her honor for her continuous supportive. Lena’s grandmother died six weeks later, but Lena continued the initiative and another $4,000 was raised – creating a second well through the nonprofit organization, Activewater. Lena said the power of God connects everyone around the world.


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