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KJ-52 drops new hit single ‘Flex’ —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/20/2019

Christian rapper KJ-52 – who has joined this year’s Believe tour for junior highers – has come out with a brand-new song called “Flex,” and it proclaims faith as an unconquerable force.

The song features fellow Christian musician Dre Murray.


“It’s a song of strength,” KJ-52 said. “Its purpose is to inspire young people to hold strong to faith while remembering the King we serve reigns over all. It shares my personal story about how it was never about the money but the message.”


“Flex” lyrics:


Flex on 'em, flex on 'em, tell the whole world I'ma flex on 'em
Flex on 'em, flex on 'em yeah, yeah, watch suplex on em'
Flex on 'em, flex on 'em, tell the whole world I'ma flex on 'em
Flex on 'em, flex on 'em yeah, yeah, watch suplex on em'


Watching from the sideline, drawin' the play
The referee can't see the foul I'm bout to call it a day
But just before I threw the towel in, I heard the messenger say
The enemy is on the prowl, you can't leave it this way
Oh boy, so I hop back in that two, two, two
Dancin' on the beat like its JuJu (Juju)
I can't leave it incomplete, what would you do (what would you do)
The enemy say he feel it, think its voodoo (oh no)
I still be rapping man it wasn't the plan, still remember hittin' KJ up when I was a fan
Didn't care about a sale, didn't call it a brand
I just thought the rythmes was fly and I'm prayin' they land
In the hearts of people that's in the dark
Maybe the words I write could be the spark
Leave it to them to argue bout a chart
I'm tryna be the start, I'm tryna leave a mark


Yeah, somebody stuck for me like 20k (20k)
They took the money then they ran away (ran away)
Things have been ugly but I've been okay (been okay)
Sometimes you know the plan gotta change
Fin to say, fin to stay had it all then it crashed
Been this way get to say now it's all coming back
I be flexing on em but I never been about the cash
Blessings that I had can't be counted with the things I have
But if you caught me on the wrong day (wrong day)
I would've spazzed like I'm Kanye (Kanye)
So many times I went the wrong way (wrong way)
I had to find what the song say
Rollin' down with Andre, doing just what God say
I just want to eat Picante and watch the palms sway (palms sway)
And I ain't gonna fall away, even when they said I was washed like the laundry
Flex on em'


To download the song and hear the lyrics, click here.