Jr. High -

Joyful mom thanks church for taking daughter to Believe —

By CIY Staff

Created on 09/25/2018

Hailey Rinner was a soft-spoken Jr. high girl with hesitations about attending Believe, but when she returned home she had a lot to say.

There were close to 50 students with The Chapel’s youth group out of Sandusky, Ohio, and their leader Joe Binkley said he was glad one of them connected to Hailey.


“She’s very pleasant but very shy,” he said. “It was a larger group and she didn’t know if she would know anyone. But when she came home it was one of those experiences we middle school ministers don’t get very often. It really helps reinforce how these events are pivotal moments in the faith of these students.”


Immediately after Hailey came home, her mom sent the church the following note:


“I have to share with you!! Hailey has spent the last hour and a half since we've been home sitting at the kitchen table telling me about her experience. She’s been reading her Bible to me, reviewing her notes with me, explaining where she is with her faith and why she wants to get baptized again for herself. But she says she isn't ready yet – this is the best – she experienced God for the first time ever!!! I cried!!! She said she could feel His hand on her heart and she said she has never felt that before. She finally understands what I've been trying to explain to her. But she is not 100 percent ‘Hot’ yet in her belief. She is still ‘Warm,’ but much, much warmer than she was. Her relationship has started!!! I am so excited for her!! Thank you so much for taking her!! And thank you and the other leaders so much for what you do!! It takes a village and you have all helped me with all of my kids. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all!!!??”




Binkley said he loved this message of thankfulness, but the Lord’s presence is apparent in the home.

“The parents’ role is so important,” he said. “The mom is so excellent at keeping her kids involved in church. Sometimes parents think youth ministers are this spiritual giant in their kids’ lives but really, it’s them – spending thousands of hours with them. I think it’s just awesome what this mom has been able to do with them.”


The next Believe tour will begin in October and visit 12 locations throughout the fall and spring of 2019. To find dates and locations, as well as more information about the CIY program, please click here.