Jr. High -

Jeff Walling improv offers ‘God-ordained’ experience for junior high student —

By Becca Haines

Created on 09/12/2019

Rebekah Wisden, an eighth grader with the Fort Worth (Texas) First Church of the Nazarene, said she was struggling with self-value the week before her first Believe experience.

A fear of exclusion from her friends at school was overwhelming her heart and mind – causing her to doubt who she was – yet there seemed to be a spiritual push for her to attend the junior high conference. It was there where God had something very important to tell her.


This year’s Believe tour celebrates the theme, “I AM” to deliver the Biblical truth that students are exactly who God created them to be. This foundation of identity builds students’ confidence to be Kingdom workers, to boldly proclaim the name of Christ and to never doubt that they are loved. In the middle of the event, Jeff Walling – who was the main speaker – randomly pointed his finger at Wisden in the audience and invited her up on stage to help deliver the message about her identity in Christ.


“I was excited and nervous,” she said after her moment on the stage. “It really touched me because I was confused this past week and this helped me. I’ve been really down on myself and feeling like I wasn’t worth it or anything, and when he pulled me up there and said, ‘You’re a child of God,’ that really touched me. I felt like the Lord called me up there to tell me I’m a child of God and that I’m not alone and that He’ll always be there for me. I’m glad I listened when He told me to go to this conference.”


Jennifer Sommers, Wisden’s youth leader, said she knew it was no accident.


“It was a God-ordained moment,” she said. “Believe was just awesome this year. We got some good conversations from the kids. The goal is to strengthen relationships, and this was a great step in that direction.”


Believe’s 2018/2019 tour will pick back up with this year’s theme “I AM” Jan. 25-26 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Find more information – as well as dates and locations – for Believe here.